Muslim migrant arrested with EXPLOSIVES ahead of Pope’s visit -


The Pope, true to form, is heading to Poland to try to shame the Poles into accepting more Muslim migrants. His visit could be…explosive.
Off topic but related, he commented on the French priest’s beheading, saying the world’s at war, but it’s not a `war of religions’

Alternate Headline “Crazy Pope at it again”


I characterize this Pope as “sophomoric.” He is a wise fool. Sometimes he say things that made sense. Other times he goes off on “progressive tangents.” Apparently he learned nothing from the murder of the elderly Catholic priest in France yesterday.

The influx of refugees to Europe could spell an end to Western culture and values. These people have repeatedly shown a distain for mixing with Western society. They want to change us, not become part of the Western system while retaining aspects of their culture.

If you think I’m xenophobic consider this. If we were to invade their countries and MADE them to change to our way of like, would you support that? Most of us would answer, “NO.” Then why is it wrong of us to maintain OUR CULTURE? Do any of you “Progressives” want to answer that question?