Muslim officer who sued NYPD over beard length wins


Its NOT the beard, I have zero issue with that. What I do have an issue with is changing the rules for certain people. NYPD has a rule, every one follows or go to work somewhere else, great, that is how it should be. But now the rules have been changed BECAUSE he is a Muslim, this is wrong.

I saw the SAME thing in the Army back in the 70’s when all the blacks were allowed to wear beards because their hair is curly and could possibly grow back into the hair follicle. While that may be possible and true the reality is according to the Doctors is they only needed to shave more often to keep that from happening. But again, we charged the rules for a minority group which is a protected class of people. We saw this same thing when the gays wanted the Bake shop to make them a cake. We are becoming a nation of laws by man, made up as we go to give certain classes of people rights and privileges the rest of us do not have.

Muslim officer who sued NYPD over beard length wins
NEW YORK (AP) — A Muslim police officer, who sued the New York Police Department over a policy limiting beards allowed for religious reasons, would face irreparable harm without protection from the courts, a judge said Wednesday as he ordered the city to reinstate the officer’s pay and benefits a day after he was suspended and escorted from police headquarters.
U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel criticized the city repeatedly before finding it was probable Officer Masood Syed would succeed and issuing a temporary restraining order that will remain in place until a July 8 hearing.
The department says it bans beards as a safety measure so gas masks fit tightly across faces but allows beards for religious reasons up to 1 millimeter in length.
The judge, who is bearded, said 1 millimeter of hair exists when a man is unshaven for a day or two. He said it seemed the policy is enforced haphazardly.
“I am very relieved,” Syed said afterward as he celebrated his 32nd birthday with a half dozen fellow officers supporting him in the Manhattan court.
Syed said two uniformed supervisors escorted him from Manhattan NYPD headquarters where he works as a law clerk to administrative judges, sometimes preparing legal documents for the police commissioner about disciplinary issues.
“It was extremely humiliating,” Syed said. “I felt insulted, frankly.”
Syed said he has maintained a 1-inch beard for most of his 10-year career, only occasionally drawing critical comments. He said he hoped his lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, would help over 100 police employees who find the religious exception to the department’s no-beard policy insufficient because they say the length of the beard allowed is not reasonable.

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