Muslim wins lawsuit against McDonalds


This is just another example of how stupid McDonald’s really is. I lived in the Detroit area for many years and I can tell you that there are hundreds of halal stores run by muslims where they can get all the islamist foods/meats they want. McDonalds SHOULD have been sued for making such a stupid claim.

Deal approved in Muslims’ suit against McDonald’s: Associated Press Business News - MSN Money


Ummmm…so the local McD’s decides to sell halal in order to be more successful WHERE their restaurants are located.
They advertise this fact.
They don’t COMPLY with what they advertise.
They get sued.
The locals & national chain agree to settle for $700k…to be used for charity medical and educational purposes for the local Muslim community.

No problem I can see here. If it happened with kosher in NYC they’d be out a hell of a lot more money! LOL


My wife just avoids ordering food with pork of any kind in it.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:3, topic:39111”]
My wife just avoids ordering food with pork of any kind in it.
[/quote] Calling Mcdonalds “food” is a stretch anyways.


True. However, my wife is muslim. At any eatery, She usually just take the bacon off if it served by mistake. I tell her to take it back because she ordered it otherwise. Most of the time she says it’s just isn’t worth it to do so, takes it off and eats it anyway.


If she was a radical Muslim, that wouldn’t have been satisfactory. But I know you said once that she didn’t have a problem with eating pork - she tasted it once, and didn’t like it.


A settlement is not the same as winning a lawsuit.


She doesn’t think that she’s going to hell because pork touched her lips.


Yeah, winning a lawsuit means justice, extracting a settlement means extortion. I can’t figure out from the article just what McDonald’s did wrong. They still claim they properly prepare the food.


IIRC, M got nailed in India for saying its fries were not prepared with beef products (e.g., frying oil). The oil was tallow free, but the fries had an added coating that had beef fat as an ingredient. Just. Plain. Dumb!

On the West Coast, for a good, basic hamburger and fries, In N Out is really good. Nothing is frozen, they don’t have a freezer on the premises. If you accidentally are at the order–pick-up counter at the right time you’ll see fresh potatoes being cut into fries. Not fancy, just good.


Make your own burgers, people!

Get 7% fat ground beef. This ain’t McDonald’s, yo.
Slap the beef in your hans over and over and get it less than a half inch thick. THIN. Add some spice if you’re feeling DANGEROUS.
Get a skillet on the oven on medium-high. Place the beef patties in the pan.
Sizzle them for about a minute or three until juices start to come out the top. DO NOT FLATTEN THEM WITH THE SPATULA. GAH.
Flip them. Place whatever cheese you want on it. Let sizzle for about a couple more minutes.



What’s the deal with pork?? Do they really think they’re going to hell if they eat pork? I know the Hindus believe the cow is sacred. I do too, it makes a great sandwich! :slight_smile:


Mmmmmmm…my mouth is watering! Fuddruckers also has good burgers–you fix them up yourself! Haven’t seen any since I moved out of Chicago, though.


Those recently made their way into Texas along with Carl’s Jr. Hard to beat an In N Out burger animal style


In-N-Out burger is the best fast food burger that I have ever eaten. I eat their at least once when on business travel to Kalifornia. They haven’t made it to the midwest.


Some where along the line, pigs were declared to be unclean and unhealthy. Jews don’t eat pork either. Pigs simplyt are not raised in the middle east and pork is not available. So, many just never developed a taste for it. My sister-in-law discovered that she liked bacon and sausage when she came here.


ConLib, if you haven’t visited Woodland recently, there’s an In N Out near the SE end of town.


Would that be near the I-5 exit closest to the airport (CR 102) where they have the newer Hotels.

I used to stay at the Shadow Inn Best Western years ago. some of our people refused to that there because the phone prefix was “666”. The name and the numner together was spooky to some.


But with the Jews, it doesn’t carry the threat of hell. According to the biblical dietary instructions, they just have to “wash with water and [be] unclean until even” - whereas, with the hard-core radical Muslim, just the touch of pork condemns them to hell.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:15, topic:39111”]
In-N-Out burger is the best fast food burger that I have ever eaten. I eat their at least once when on business travel to Kalifornia. They haven’t made it to the midwest.
[/quote]I ate at one in Las Vegas in September. I don’t get the hype (all my Kalifornia friends think it’s the best thing ever and miss it). It was fine but nothing special.

Now Arby’s…