Muslims and Moderate Muslims


Is there such as thing as a moderate Muslim? Or, is this just a Muslim who picks and choses what they want to believe.

There is little in the Muslim view of the world that is compatible with life in the US and in most other countries.

Yet we are welcoming them with open arms like they are more than friends.

Got this in the mail. For thought:

*"I don’t believe that women have any rights, and I think gays should be hanged.

WOW, what a complete primitive asshole you are! You must be a Republican.

NO, actually, I’m a Muslim and those are my religious beliefs.

OH! I’m sorry! I apologize! I hope you don’t think I’m Islamophobic!"*


It’s amazing what passes for logic when the father of lies is behind the conversation!


The problem with Islam is not so much with it’s adherents but with it’s Koran and the tenents of the Faith. And no matter what the Muslim wishes to ‘call’ himself, he still MUST be obedient to the Koran and its Jihad. So a moderate, liberal or Fundamentalist Muslim is still bound to the Jihadi Law.
The real problem lies not with Islam itself but with the progressive liberal cowards who couldn’t stand up to a wet noodle contest. If all real Americans stop making excuses, turn and face Islam, and end their agony. Send then ALL back to the middle east whether or not they were born there.
But I sincerely do not believe we the American people have that much bravery left after a treasonous Muslim Presidency.


Therein lies the question, can they EVER integrate into our society without giving up their religion?

And if they DON’T then they have no other choice but to change our society to meet their wants and needs.

I see not path for them and a wrong turn fur the US…