Must read directions

I have been working on a ceiling fan and replaced the remote control in it. I didn’t bother reading directions since I had done this before. Okay the light came on real dim and I could not figure out why. Years ago I had to replace a capacitor in a fan and figured this might be the problem.

Well I did as I usually do and seek other answers from the internet and while sometimes I see morons replying to DIY sites I can get some kind of answer that helps. Well I guess I should have read the directions when I put in the remote because the new remotes have a dimmer switch and the light comes on at the lowest setting and you have to keep pressing the switch to bring up the light. :banghead:

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Directions are like Nutrition Labels. Who reads them. :no:

[quote=“TerryOfromCA, post:2, topic:48142”]
Directions are like Nutrition Labels. Who reads them. :no:
[/quote]Reading directions is a woman thing:devil:

You want bad? Neighbor guy of mine is a DIY-er, and actually is, like you, quite adept at it. However, he couldn’t get his new cell phone to work, so took it back. (Nearly an hour’s drive, mind you.)
The very helpful salesman…peeled off the plastic cover over the numbers.