Must see video on geopolitics of today


This video is amazing. The speaker, Peter Zeihan, ties together history, geography, demographics, natural resources, strategic forces and economics of the world since WWII and into a plausible and sometimes inevitable future. He is NOT a liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist, globalist or populist; he is a realist and his presentation of facts is very convincing. The last half hour analyzes Trump’s diplomacy and it all becomes crystal clear.

I cannot recommend this video high enough. I guarantee that you will not regret watching.

PS @FantasyChaser I know you live in an internet wasteland and it’s over an hour long. If you PM me with a mailing address I’ll burn it onto a dvd and mail it to you.

[VIDEO (2:28)]: Trump Listens to Obama-Clinton on Immigration

Dibs, I brought him up before.

I think his analysis of Russia has been pretty spot on; but he hasn’t quit called EU dynamics, or Russia’s actions right. (you can look at videos of his from 2012 and 2011 for reference.)

He thought Russia wouldn’t invade Syria, “not worth it.”

He thought German encroachment would be the stifling force of the EU, and somewhat underestimated EuroSkepticism.

The Jihadi war has gone on far longer than he thought it would.

And he was totally wrong about the price of oil. It dropped below $50/barrel, it didn’t stay above $100.

He has a half-joking theory about Alberta joining the U.S., and while that hasn’t happened, he was right about the province taking an even swifter conservative turn, due to the perception that they’re carrying much of the rest of Canada in their taxes (because they’re one of only two places in Canada with healthy demographics).

The demographics crisis in Canada, is also a driver for why they’ve let so many immigrants in, to the point that 1 in 5 Canadians are now foreign born. If not this, Canada would be growing as much as Europe.

As you might notice, demographics is a big talking of Zeihan’s, and it’s half the reason he thinks we’ll continue to be successful, as were the only developed nation with a slightly positive growth in population. Well, until about 3 or 4 years ago.