My actual letter (email) to Buffalo Wild Wings


I would like to let you know that I have been a BWW customer for several years. I’ve visited BWW’s in Portland OR, Covington LA, Houston TX, Metairie LA, and several around the Tampa FL area, along with my hometown of Slidell LA countless times.

I am sending this to inform you that my family, and I will no longer be customers of your company. Your company’s public stance of refusing a law abiding citizen’s rights to carry a weapon are against the principles of which I dedicated years of personal sacrifice to serve this country. I find it personally insulting that you would deny me the most basic right of protecting myself and my family.

Until BWW’s changes this position and announces it publicly, my family will not spend a single cent in any of your stores again. I hate that I have to take this stance, but I will no longer support any company that allows, and supports the further destruction of my freedoms.

So, I’ve seen a few things on facebook but didn’t think much of it. I figured they were one off’s… Nope, it is company policy. Not all stores display the signs though. Still, my opinion stands.

You really need to understand how much I loved BWW’s to understand the personal pain I’m feeling. I eat there at least once a week. Usually twice. Sometimes more. In Portland, it’s one of the few places I’ll eat.


In Texas guns arent allowed places that get 51% of their income from alcohol, I dont know is BWW falls under that or not.

I dont have a problem with a company choosing their own polices especially when alcohol involved.


You can break bread with the Anti 2nd crowd if you want, my family will not.


But BWW isn’t “destroying your freedoms”, any more than a restaurant that (back in the days when it had a choice to do so) banned smoking. The restaurant owner is actually exercising his freedom to determine the environment in which his patrons will dine. A restaurant that bans smoking will lose patronage from those customers for whom a cigarette is an integral part of the meal, and gain patronage from those customers who dislike dining in the stink of second hand smoke. A restuarant’s dress code, if any, is another example of the same sort of calculus.

Same with a gun ban. BWW apparently feels it will gain more customers than it loses, if it promotes its restaurants as gun-free (and, by implication, safer, although I presume you will disagree). Personally, I would probably be more likely to patronize such a restuarant, although it really isn’t a big deal to me. (Neither is second hand smoke, although for Mrs. Jazz it is a deal breaker.)

It is your freedom to choose who you will patronize, for political or whatever reason you desire. It is the freedom of a private business to (within the limits of laws with respect to public accommodations) choose to attract certain kinds of patrons but not others. (Where my daughter goes to school, there’s a business called “Blue State Coffee” that adheres to a business model intended to attract liberals and make conservatives unwelcome.) But don’t think that BWW is “taking away your freedoms”. BWW is doing what it thinks is best for its business. You have the exact same freedoms you had before BWW set its policy - including to stay away and say why.


Your bothered that one of your favorite dining establishments wont let you bring along a gun when you eat?:coffee_spray:


Do you really think that the “anti 2nd crowd” has any overlap with the greasy wing eating, beer drinking, football watching crowd?


Nope. Y’all are wrong. Absolute ignorance of recent history, and the 2nd amendment. Anyone who truly supports the 2nd amendment would not patronize an establishment such as this.

Luby’s in Texas several years back ring any bells? Where several customers had guns that they had to leave in their cars and then sit and watch as their friends and family were executed. The Theater killer here just recently was another example.

I stated quite clearly how they could get my family’s business again. If they can’t do that, no more patronage. I know I’ve paid at least one employee’s salary over the time I’ve been a customer there.


You’ve inspired me. I’m not eating at Dennys anymore becuae they wont let me bring in my cat.


What the heck are you talking about?


Do not troll in my thread. You can disagree, but be productive about it.


[quote=“JStang, post:10, topic:38837”]
Do not troll in my thread. You can disagree, but be productive about it.
[/quote] I am! They make me wear shoes too. I’m outraged that I have to follow rules. It irks me that I have to wear shoes most places. My feet are clean.

*Warning issued~JStang


I don’t patronize establishments that get 51% of their income from the sale of alcohol.
I lived in Houston Texas when you had better be armed in some establishments for your own survival, when no weekend went by without at least one shootout in the parking lot of some honkytonk dance hall or bar, when if it was discovered that you were unarmed you carried an asskicking home, if you made it home. I remember when it was a common happening for a man to find hiswife sitting at a barroom table with another man, shot and killed them both, and got off because he was, “protecting his private peoperty”. I’m talking about North Houston in the fifties and sixties.


BWW is no more a bar than Chili’s or Applebee’s. It’s a more family friendly kind of place than Hooters, or Mugs and Jugs.

Yes, they serve alcohal. So do many other establishments. CCW holders know that they aren’t allowed to carry while under the influence. They are usually not the ones out breaking the law to begin with. Any CCW holder that was at a BWW to drink is knowningly breaking the law to begin with, if they are carrying.


What’s best for the business down here is probably not ticking off gun owners.
Sure, I bet that a gun free zone is safer, sure worked for those kids and theater patrons, didn’t it? Worked great for that admin section where Maj. Jihadi shot up a bunch of fellow Army soldiers as well.


you realize that the full name of chili’s is Chili’s grill and BAR


Yes, and they don’t restrict CCW holders, and plain clothes officers from carrying.


Well, actually, Chili’s might do it also… Crap… Good thing I don’t like them anyway.:embarrese


How many people go to BWW that dont intend to have even a single beer? not many, which is why I dont really have a problem with BWW’s policy. I would feel a lot different if it was a place like olive garden.


Fair enough.

In my immediate family, no less than 6 CCW’s who go regularly and don’t drink. Dad, wife, three sisters, me. Then there are my two nephews, one uncle, one 1st cousin, one 1st cousin’s husband. So, that’s 9 by my count in what I call Direct Family.
When I’m in Portland, I fly up there and don’t carry (b/c I don’t check baggage). I do drink when I go there.


I have no idea whether a “gun free zone” is safer. Armed patrons may have been able to disrupt the shooter at Luby’s, but that’s an extraordinarily unusual situation (as was the theater shooting). The more typical situation is that cited by Natstew - a stewed patron shooting a guy looking the wrong way at his wife. I suspect a lot of potential patrons would dine easier knowing the establishment is gun-free.

Bottom line is that it is up to the business owner to decide what sort of patrons it wants to attract. Maybe in Texas it doesn’t pay to piss off the gun-happy. The business owner will either reap the rewards of its decision, or pay the price.


So does that mean that yall dont drink mostly because yall are carrying?