My Daughter

I am SO-O-O proud of her!

People ask me why I named her April?

It was this song that did it … way back in 1976.
Her mom and I had no idea what to call this very new bundle of joy and we had just come from a concert that gave us the answer!

To this day … I cry whenever I watch this video.
Her mom and I were there.

Seems to be a lot to be proud of.

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Thank You.
Not only for the reply but also … for being awake!:grin:

I get a couple hours sleep at a time when I can.

Me too.

Do you have children?

Charles Negron, the lead singer (Three Dog Night) and I are pen/email pals.
He is as proud of April as I am.
(He’s only proud because of the name! lol)
Charles is seventy two years old!
Can you believe it? 8(

she’s gorgeous.

Silli- you do have an absolutely beautiful daughter, you are Blessed. and April is a fitting name.