My Definition Of A Witch Hunt


As a general proposition, a legitimate/justifiable criminal investigation proceeds as a result of the detection of a crime and is undertaken with the intent/purpose to uncover evidence that will eventually lead investigators to the actual perpetrator. This is the process utilized in the Clinton email investigation. Emails began to surface involving confidential/secret government communication. Investigators spent a year tracking not only the origin of the emails, but how and who stored them in such a way they were publically exposed.

A WITCH HUNT is what we have with the newly minted special counsel (Mueller) investigation - it is working precisely in reverse of the above legitimate investigative model. Trump is now the target of a criminal investigation even though no crime has been detected after nearly a year of innuendo brought forth by unnamed sources and printed as fact by various media outlets.

In short, a legitimate investigation requires the detection of a crime followed by an investigation in search of the criminal. A witch hunt begins by identifying the
individual targeted as the “criminal” and then seeks to identify the crime.

By the way, the ridiculous pretense that the shooting of Scalise might lead to an extended period of comity in Washington lasted exactly 27 hours, 29 minutes and 19 seconds - that’s how long it took for Pelosi to open her mouth.


Right, a witch hunt is based upon a non crime or like an answer in search of a question…


As I posted elsewhere in Will Trump really work to “Make America Great Again”?, Post #24, as far as the current investigations, I have some serious thoughts. I took the trouble to find the actual quote from the Robert Penn Warren book, All the King’s MenThe Washington establishment has grown very cozy and comfortable since Reagan left office. Reagan was really the last President to go over Congress’ head directly to the people, unless you count Bill Clinton’s orations during his own impeachment struggle. Congress and Washington bureaucrats don’t enjoy being bypassed. Thus the “investigations.” I have no problem with investigating criminal or improper activity; I have a real problem with investigating a person or group of people to death in hope of “finding” something. This reminds me of the stand-in character for Huey Long in All the King’s Men who said, about Long’s opponent, the Judge (link to Pages 74-75 of All the King’s Men):

Thus, these are investigations in search of wrongdoing and not the other way around. Very similar to Robert Penn Warren’s parody of Huey Long.