My email to the Sacramento Bee in California


How does the rest of the country look at you?

I left California after living there for 18 years.

The primary reason I moved my business to Texas was not lower

regulations or taxes. The primary reason was that I didn’t want my children raised

in the California culture. A lack of morals, respect, and manners were the driving force behind the decision.

The culture promoted by your paper, the news outlets in general, and school system degrades the level of respect

young people learn and this is just another example of why so many in other parts of the nation see Californians

as something to scrape off their shoe. It’s similar to other states saying the 880 bridge collapse became the 440.

Hundreds of people died in that collapse. Did you make a joke of that? Neither did Texas news outlets. It’s called RESPECT!

Perry blasts California newspaper for cartoon depicting Texas plant explosion | Fox News

Ken Sullivan


Wow! The Bee is usually less moronically, looney-tune liberal-Progressive than the likes of the SF Comical and LA Slimes. This time the staff-twerps at the Comical and Slimes were probably thinking that they wished they had the courage to publish a cartoon like that one! But Perry and TX will have the last laugh … all the way to the bank … while watching CA circling and sucking itself down its self-created sewer drain!


I doubt these filthy Nazi’s would have run a cartoon with a politician bragging about the tough gun control laws in Connecticut with the next panel depicting the Newtown Shooter killing children who have no one to defend them.

Or a cartoon with Obama bragging about the “Arab Spring” that his “new attitude” has inspired with the next panel depicting a U.S. Ambassador being beaten and sodomized to death by a mob of Terrorist’s.

I guess I should expect nothing better from those who claim an ideology that celebrates the murder of babies and institutionalized racism.


Nazi. Institutionalized racism. Baby killers.- you didn’t skimp on the buzz words did you?


If by “buzz words” you mean “words that accurately describe the Extremist Liberals in the United States” then yes, I never “skimp”.

Which is why Liberals are so bothered by words and seek censorship, truth is the Left’s greatest enemy.


And by this statement:

Ohman posted that he had received “varying levels of concern about the cartoon depicting Gov. Rick Perry’s marketing of Texas’ loose regulations, juxtaposed with the explosion of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas,” but that he would draw the cartoon again without thinking twice.
…proves that he can have no remorse because he’s incapable of conceveing just what about what he did was so wrong. Worse, is he’s still smugly superior.Did he have somewhat of a point? Yes. However, his approach to the answer to avoid such horrific accidents was, sure enough!, only the governmnt can save us!And the way he went about attempting to convince the general public of his big government politics was so typical of liberals who are so lacking in conscience and any sort of real empathy, that it bothers them not one wit to exploit the most horrific of tragedies to meet their ends.They’ll walk right across the hearts of the loved-ones burying their dead if that what it takes.They make me ill.Moby: Well-written letter. Kudos to you for taking the time to respond.