My ex-employer sues Feds over Oblamer-care...


I worked for Tom Monaghan for years teaching in his private, Catholic schools. I was also principal in one of his schools. The Ave Maria Foundation (founded by Monaghan) has already filed a lawsuit over BO’s socialist-communist version of health care.

Domino’s founder sues feds over health care law | Fox News


I could not agree more with what he said:

Tom Monaghan, a devout Roman Catholic, says contraception isn’t health care but a “gravely immoral” practice.

Contraceptives do not benefit women like the government claims.


Isn’t it ironic the democrats want Americans to murder their children or provide contraceptives to them but then allow foreign born to come here legally and illegally to fill the ranks of those who will fill current and future jobs. It does not take much logic to realize these dopes are working to have themselves replaced eventually with those who are not native Americans. This can already be seen in places.