My Gran-Daughters Gonna Be On TEE VEE!!! 8)


Since being a winner of The Friends Choice Award in the Miss California USA Pageant (2010) my Gran-daughter Miss Ventura Blvd. Malorie Mackey (Now Malorie King) has done a number of commercials and ads.

Saturday (10:00 pm) she debuts in an episode of The Biography Channels new My Haunted House program!

The episode is Unwanted Guest

I can’t tell you anything about the show … never seen it but … I’ll probably watch this one!:wink:

Malorie With John Schneider

Her Facebook page:


BTW: She is just an actress and the show is nothing about her personal life.


Great! My uncle used to be a TV reporter.


She’s beautiful! Schneider doesn’t look too good these days, though! :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I remember to watch it.


Congrats to your granddaughter! She is pretty and makes Schneider look old an haggard.


Thank You Everyone!

The girl has done every type of job that most actors/actresses get ‘stuck’ doing for the rest of their lives … instead of what they went to Hollyweird for!
(waitress, clothing sales etc. etc.)

Even though I don’t care for the guy, Hugh Hefner saw her at the pageant and took an interest in her career.

It’s not a huge role but it’s a beginning!