My New Book


Well dear friends, as promised after many false starts, my book is finally published Right now it is sold only through Amazon under the title, "A Layman’s Commentary of the Book of John."by N.Joel Clary. There are a lot of hoops to jump through just to get it into book stores and on Kindle, and once I master those hoops, they should be there.
I am halfway through the second book on the three letters of John, so hopefully it will get to the publisher by summer.


Will there be a Kindle version?


Hopefully soon.



I purchased a copy and will make sure it ends up on the shelves of our local library, after I read it of course!




Look what just came in!


I do hope you enjoy it.


Lesson Commentary for the Gospel of John: A new Laymans study of the Gospel of John Paperback – January 6, 2017
by N Joel Clary (Author)


Gospel Layman’s study book. Gospel of John This is a comprehensive Bible study, chapter by chapter and accompanying side commentary for the reader study and use for their own teaching purposes. This is taking Scripture, staying true to the message, and making it easier to digest.Some maps included with synopsis added for further explanation of particular subjects.

Sent it to my wife for her to order…