My Note to President Trump on the Climate Accords 5-31-2017


By way of background, I am a far-left Democrat who voted for Hillary. Nevertheless I oppose the Paris Climate Accords. See the note I posted on the White House website “e-mail” system:


I am writing to support the Trump Administration’s inclination to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords (“Climate Accords”). I am by no means a conservative. I think that the Climate Accords have very little to do with climate and a lot to do with an incoherent hash of politically correct but impractical agendas. I will turn to the terms of the Climate Accords themselves but I note that they have a lengthy codicil on “gender equality.” While that may be a praiseworthy goal it has little to do with climate.

The Climate Accords work by setting an unreachable U.S. goal of 40% reduction of greenhouse gases (“GHG”) from 1990 levels. The year 1990 as a base year is itself grossly unfair to the U.S. but I digress. The failure to reach an unmeetable target will trigger an obligation to pay a large amount into a “climate adjustment fund” (the “Fund”). The Fund itself will offer full-time employment to a large contingent of bureaucrats. That to my mind is why Europe so strongly favors the Climate Accords. Such money as is distributed by the Fund for “climate adjustment” will go to Third and Fourth World “leaders” with little or no accountability for how it is spent. Can one, for example, seriously imagine leaders such as Assad, Kabila, or Mugabe using the money to protect their people from climate change.

This note purposely does not address whether or not climate change is real, or if real, if it is man-made. The Climate Accords will do little to change a single temperature on a single day in a single place. But they will cost the U.S. and its citizens lots of money, and possibly significant growth and employment. I urge you to ignore the bleats of the elites and withdraw the U.S. from the Climate Accords. And in the process make the withdrawal effective immediately, disregarding the unconstitutional and non-binding four year period placed on withdrawal. The Climate Accords were not ratified by Congress, are not a treaty and are not legislation.


I believe that the prolonged decision process on the Paris accord was just political posturing for world leaders and some of his occasionally misguided advisers. I think he made his decision to pull out long ago. We’ll all know tomorrow at 3PM Eastern. If he is true to his pledge to Make America Great Again there is nothing to fear. I haven’t agreed with everything that he has done so far (and never fully expected I would) but staying in the agreement would be a confidence shaking blow to me and many of his hard core supporters.


Being a liberal Democrat I am hardly a core supporter. But I think he should and hopefully will pull out.


Lets get this climate stuff clear in my mind:

World leaders/UN shrug their shoulders over Boston, NYC 9/11, Manchester and the list goes on and on, saying that is the new normal, the world we live in and its impossible to stop.

That said:

These same world leaders/UN state positively they can lower the earth’s temperature by ½ degree with no problem, just give them enough $Trillions and CONTROL over We the People.


The climate change agreement (Paris Accords) entered into INFORMALLY (not binding) by the Obama administration is nothing more than a globalist financial shakedown of the United States and thinly veiled power play. Allowing a group of globalist leaders not answerable to the American people to have even the perceived reality of power over America and her people and her economy is beyond stupid, IMHO.

The agreement demands that the US diminish green house gases by an unattainable amount by 2025, while allowing the planet’s two largest producers of such gases, China and India, to increase their output as much as they like, with reductions - more precisely, the promise of reductions - not to begin for them until 2030. And we are to voluntarily increase constraints on our economy, an economy that through technology advances in securing/using energy (use of natural gas, fracking, renewables, etc.), has already reduced US emissions to 25 year lows. For what? The promise, not guarantee mind you, of decreasing the temperature by perhaps one tenth of a degree over the next century??

We have been led by the “America is at fault” stooges far too long. The crazed have been in charge long enough. This planet’s people wouldn’t have a pot to piss in without the technical, medical, manufacturing and scientific advances of this nation. If Trump announces anything less than a full withdrawal from this agreement he will be making a grave miscalculation. I think most working Americans are fed up with the elitist BS that has come out of Washington. And, they damn sure don’t want a group of globalist clowns in Brussels dictating increased constraints on our weakened economy in the name of this BS. If Europe wants to continue with their participation in this financial/wealth redistribution suicide pact as India and China and others increase their carbon footprint 5 fold by 2030, that’s their problem.

There - I think that pretty much sums up my position.


I think you both hit the nail on the head. It’s a pity this has to be considered a “conservative” position; it should be a matter of common sense.


Footnote: Obama is revered by European-style, limp wristed leaders because he is/was one of them. Trump is hated because he is not. Over the past 25 years the US has done more to advance clean technology than the rest of the countries in the Paris Accord combined.

The days of the United States submitting to getting punked by the globalist elites are numbered. Europe had best get used to the United States actually leading from the front as opposed to getting “poked from behind”.