My Novel

I’m actually writing a political novel that takes place in the future world of politics. It has got to do with the 2052 elections, and everything that is happening in the world at that time. It’s no communism utopia by any means. But the central key point to the plot is that the world’s first AI computer was built for politics and the Democratic Party.

Would any of you guys be interested in reading it? I can post each chapter on here. At current it’s 71 pages long. I plan to write at least twice that much next week (my spring break) looking to get it done by the summer.

Humm a AI that was built for politics. How is you AI restrained. In most fiction AIs, while freely thinking, still have restraints on them. Kinda like morals.

This AI is stupid @ first. It needs to learn as it goes on and then gets really powerful! But it was built for the Presidency so that is the limit of its thinking. I described it better in the book, with some fancy technical BS. The Android itself is more like a thinking machine with a human exterior than a human-like machine.

Sort-of like C-3PO?

A political version of Hal.

Hey, you don’t have to listen to me but I wouldn’t it more beneficial to disregard parties in your book? I mean 2052 is a long time from now so the parties may not even exist in reality. Also, it would make your book a lot more readable to more people.

I’m sorry Dave, I can’t allow you to veto that bill.

Would you like to play a game?

I’d be glad to read it. Perhaps you can post some here, or PM some rough drafts. You can also email me any parts: jg@RO

I wish Mike (Fantasy Chaser) would post some of his stuff. He did a couple of really great sci-fi “fan fiction.” He hasn’t finished “smoothing out” the last one, since his computer is down (really got to take care of that!) If you can find his post about “Catherine the Great” - not sci-fi, but a politcal spoof, very short - actually, he did it all with 2 posts - you can get a sort-of idea of the quality of his writing. TO told him, after reading that, “You can write for me any time!”

Not meaning to steal your thunder, jjf, but not wanting to make too much thunder of my own.