My Odyssey. . . in case anyone wondered

In case anyone was wondering, for the past 2-1/2 months, I have been in the hospital (again!) and rehab. It has been MISERABLE. I fell again and this time I dislocated my right shoulder. Although I wasn’t in a lot of pain, the hospital claimed that I had a mild heart attack and my kidneys failed. I don’t believe them. I wanted proof of this, but they couldn’t/wouldn’t provide it. They had me on a ventilator of all things and didn’t even perform any surgery. When I first arrived, I refused to believe that I was having a heart attack and I think that was their way of sticking it to me. I wound up in ICU (at the cost of $24,000.00 just for the room!!) for 3 days and then in a regular room ($8,000.00!!) for a week. Then, they shipped me off to another physical therapy place (really, just a nursing home with a gym) for an additional 5 weeks. I just got home today. But, they would have kept me longer had I not been a pain in the royal behind while I was there. More on that later…

I am walking with a walker now–the cane wasn’t steady enough. Plus, my hair got so matted up while in the hospital and the rehab that I had my hair buzzed off. There is about 1/8 of an inch left of it–if that much. I look like a skinhead. All I need is a swastika on my forehead. Actually, I really like it although it isn’t very becoming.

Anyway, hope everyone is ok here. Just wanted to let you guys know where I’ve been in case anyone wonders.


Glad to see you back. I’m sorry it’s been so miserable, and you’re in my prayers.

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Very glad to see you back, CT! Hospital costs are outrageous! I’ve been in the emergency room twice this year. They didn’t find anything serious either time. They didn’t even look hard the 2nd time, because I really wasn’t hurt at all (after an auto accident), but the cop at the scene practically got down on his knees and begged me to go. The first time, I had a bump the size of a grapefruit on my forehead from a fall - on a hardwood floor. That was in February, and there is still a bit of the bump there. Not very noticeable, because the last time I mentioned it to FC, he had thought it was gone.

Welcome back CT!
Sorry to hear about your health troubles but glad you’re back :slight_smile:

MY GOODNESS!! Sorry for your travails, and trust you are on the mend. Why is it you won’t believe them? I do Pray you are advancing in therapy and doing what ‘they’ tell you. God Bless.

My thoughts and prayers with you…

Wow! What an ordeal! Sorry for your illnesses, CT. Will remember you in my prayers.

Glad to see you and I’m sorry for your troubles.

Hi there Teach. Welcome back. Has not been so long for me that I have forgotten what it is like to be stuck in an Acute Care Rehab center - thus I have a lot of sympathy for you. Being a royal pain in the rump seems to be the only way of dealing with those organizations. I was enough of a pain that when a friend called to find out how I was doing she was told that I am one very stubborn dude so I guess I was effective. Anyway, get well and have a great day.

I have never in my life experienced such unprofessional and sub-standard practices in a clinic that is supposed to care for the residents. I have a BIG mouth and I have no problem using it. I used it plenty in the 5 weeks I was there. Unbelievable practices and excuses for not answer a nurse call light. My sister was so disturbed by how I was being treated one night around midnight or so, she called the police and the police came to the facility and charged the place with neglect. I got a lot of care that night, but the next day was the same old-same old. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

In response to everyone who expressed their care and love for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely be posting some comments as I continue my recovery from hospital-itis.

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Thanks NjC17!! It’s been a true odyssey!

There are several reasons why I don’t trust anything or anyone in a hospital.

One: I’ve had so many horrifying situations in hospitals while caring for my mother, aunt (mom’s sister) and my grandparents who both suffered from physical limitations. Whenever I had to bring them for an outpatient test of some kind, there was ALWAYS a problem. One time when my grandfather was hospitalized for a heart condition, they sent him home some days afterward and when I got him home I discovered they had left the IV stuck in his wrist. The supposedly well-educated, well-trained, and she said to me “Just pull it out.” I was outraged and brought him back to the hospital and I ran and got the supervising nurse. It was like that all the time. I could tell you much more about my experiences there. Anyway, I just have a very sour taste in my mouth regarding hospitals.

When I went to the place they made 1,000+ promises of my care none of which ever came about. When I would put my call light on, the average wait-time was 30 minutes. I have experienced this never before. I was laying in my bed because I couldn’t get back into bed without help. I waited almost 2 hours before someone came to help me. Eventually, my sister (who lives 5 minutes from the facility) got so sick of their poor treatment that she called the police. The police came out and took my statement and gave me their cards and a reference number of the
complaint. Troubled by this treatment because 90% of their patients here are in their 80’s, 70’s, 90% and even a couple of !00’s. But, how many of them can advocate for themselves? Where are their families and loved ones? We all know what the problems are: MONEY. They are raking in thousands perhaps even 10’s of thousands over each patient. When I got my statement from Medicare stating what they’re paying and what they’re not I was shocked to see the first line of information stated that my 2 day stay in ICU (because of my alleged heart attack) would cost almost $25,000 and that was just for the BED and meals. The doctors who would come by listen to my heart beat, make a few comments and they’d leave–not even 5 minutes yet my Medicare bill states that the doctors who came into my room fulfilled a regulation that they remain with the patient for a minimum of 20 minutes. What a joke!!

It didn’t matter to them that I don’t sleep in a bed, but on my recliner. But, the PT was very good. Nursing and nurse aide all get a big fat F. They are always understaffed and their help isn’t very reliable because they’re always calling in sick. That is one reason why they are understaffed. I would venture to guess that 98% of the staff, with the exception of maintenance, are all from Africa. They are so nice with a few exceptions. I cannot understand what they are saying 98% of the time! Who knows where they were trained.

In that 2 hour time I made up my mind that they won’t hear the last of me once I’m discharged. I’m not talking about getting lawyers involved in this, but to deal with with these horrible conditions by going to Washington and rattling some cages over there. I’m also going to the net to search for whomever regulates,licenses, or who have some kind of agency looking over at these places. So any suggestions from your readers or blog buddies, I’m asking for some help in this. I want to go after these varmints and send them to jail, although I realize that’s probably not going to happen.


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Welcome to Obamacare.