My trivia thread

Who overthrew the democratically elected government in Iran and Installed the Shah? Who overthrew the democratically elected government in Guatemala? Who overthrew Lumumba, the man who gained independence for the congo, and effectively turned it onto what it is today? Who installed the Baath party in Iraq? Who backed the Brazilian military coup against Goulart? Who backed the military junta in Greece? Who put Pinochet into power? Who backed the junta in Argentina? Who created AL-qaeda? Who facilitated the Iran-Iraq war? Who backed the Junta in Turkey? Who put Noriega into power? Who gave Saddam the few WMD he did have? Hint: They’ve all got the same answer.

None of you have figured it out yet? I’ll give you another clue, it starts with a U, or an A depending on which way you say it.

I believe the answer is to go bugger yourself.


Clean up on aisle 5

Chortle. Just stumbled upon this thread. Why the vitriol against someone who is just pointing out facts? I believe part of the reason why the USA is so villified in some circles is not by the mistakes of its past - but more by its stubborn refusal to accept that they are indeed mistakes. A point highlighted by the replies to this thread.

Anyway, back to the trivia?

Which country is second only to Thailand for the number of sex change operations performed each year?

The answer, rather surprisingly (I thought), is Iran.

He was a baiting troll that came in with a wave of baiting trolls. Your similarity is striking…

oh…I figured it was San Francisco…:rofl:

Well, I can’t speak for the original poster, but surely my original point stands? He made several valid points, which have neither been refuted nor defended.

I hope I don’t come across as a “baiting troll”. Granted, I will sometimes resort to sarcasm, but I won’t shy away from reasoned debate.

In this case, the original poster made several salient points which nobody has responded to except with deflection.

I would be genuinely interested if someone could respond to his points with reasoned debate rather than hackneyed insults. (and I will respond likewise).

He came in with the flood of trolls that attacked right before Christmas, and as such, anything he posts is worthy of ignoring. It’s possible some people did respond - other trolls - and by the time the troll mess was cleaned up, no one was interested in even looking at a thread started by a troll. Who would know whether or not it would have a porn graphic on it?