Mysteries of Life

Fellows have you given any thought as to these two riddles?

First for those of us over 50 and married. How is it none of our wives are over 39? HHHmmm?

Second, Have you were given it a thought how now you are older than your mother?

Except for the child that died in toddlerhood, all but two of my mother’s children have surpassed her age. My oldest half-brother died just shortly before his 79th birthday - but my mother lived just about three weeks past her seventy sixth birthday. My two “little” brothers haven’t caught up with her yet - the youngest will be 74 next month, and the other will be 76 in June.


I can see it now many posters are scratching their heads and say what is he talking about. Not being up in years they never heard of Jack Benny and how he stayed 39.

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My ex used to say he was 38 - that he was never going to be as old as Jack Benny. He was about 6 months past 85 when he died.