N.Y. Daily News lets go of half of its Yellow Journalists, pays price for biased news


SEE: New York Daily News Fires Half Its Editorial Staff

July 23, 2018

”Earlier in the day, Rich changed his job description on his Twitter page from Daily News Editor-In-Chief to “just a guy sitting at home watching journalism being choked into extinction.”

He also tweeted, “If you hate democracy and think local government should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you.”

What he fails to mention is, the paper has choked itself with biased reporting and sensational headlines designed to influence readers rather than reporting truth and facts.

It’s about time Fifth Column Yellow Journalists pay the price for their pinko propaganda.


Without a Fifth Column Media, Yellow Journalism, Hollywood, and a corrupted FBI, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, would be making license tags in a federal penitentiary


As if people weren’t abandoning rags like his in favor of real news in droves; the internet has really put a hurt on the propagandists (even though there’s plenty of room for propaganda online).


The fact is, our Fifth Column media and Yellow Journalists are paying the price for their never ending socialist/communist propaganda. See for example:

Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity tops cable news rankings

Fox tops February cable news ratings

If a Blue Wave Is Building, Why Do CNN & MSNBC’s Ratings Suck?

The answer is, American citizens are sick and tired of pinko media outlets and their never ending fake news and socialist/communist claptrap!


The unavoidable truth is, the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.