Name the band-

Ok lyrics -

It’s friday I’m in love.

[SIZE=2]Name the band-

[/SIZE]And the answer is- Edog!

Well, edog might know what it is. Very simple for anyone into 80’s music.

Here’s another one…a bit way back.

Old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.

The cure? I cheated and asked my brother. :tongue:

No cheating allowed, but yes. :biggrin:

Old man - Neil Young

How about

You that dont know the God
These are the things that condition the man
Seldom shown the ways to understand

That was the worst Cure song ever.

I heard Friday I’m In Love on the radio and liked it. So if it’s one of their worse songs…I downloaded a bunch of their other songs…listening to Tainted Love right now and I love it :smiley: Thanks edog…even if you are an evil infidel Band member…

Hope you paid for 'em, my friend. :wink:

evil laugh
was expecting Susanna to say that. If payed for them, opened up my computer to viruses for about an hour and a half, yes.

Here is one-

Yes, its true, (yes its true) I am happy to be stuck with you

Huey Lewis & The News.

yup! :yes:

Plus ca change plus e le meme change.

No guesses???

Jimi Hendrix? I’m guessing wildly here.

Cold, Very Cold. :biggrin:

coughHendrix? He has much better skill than that!

I guess “Changes by David Bowie”.