Nancy Pelosi’s bill to make the U.S. a one party country, HR-1

Recently in a usual early morning House session, Nancy Pelosi got her so-called “For the People Act” passed in the House of Representatives. The vote was strictly on party lines.

Here is the text of a message from my local Republican Party:

In addition, this bill will render unified political parties obsolete because of its public funding of campaigns provisions.

If you contribute $1 to a political party, the government will match that contribution.

BUT of you contribute $1 to a candidate’s campaign, the government will contribute $6 to his or her campaign.

If you are going to get “6 times the bang for you buck,” will the party of candidate get your contribution?

In addition there will draconian rules about political advertising. You will need to fill out government forms every year if you choose to spend your own money for an ad. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment. But as you can see, Ms. Pelosi is shutting out the court system to review this bill EXCEPT for the very friendly on in Washington DC. How is this constitutional? Good question. I’m sure that the Ms. Pelosi has the answer.

I’ve been hearing about this, along with the BS arguments that it’s going to make the elections more fair and get big money out of the election campaigns. I’d laugh if I weren’t so busy puking.