Nancy Reagan Has Passed


I just saw this, a Great First Lady and source of strength for a Great President and man.

Rest in peace Nancy Reagan, you were the picture of grace, class and humility for an entire Nation.


AND…she made the color RED popular again! I could bless her for that, alone. But yes, she was ever much more than just that.
This country was graced to have such a fine lady with the poise and charm it took to compliment the stalwart husband she stood beside.

Rest in Peace, First LADY, Mrs. Ronald Reagan.


She meant a lot more to Reagan’s presidency and to this nation than she will ever be given credit for.

Talk about juxtaposition: Nancy Reagan - Hillary Clinton. What a contrast.


My biggest problem with Nancy Reagan:

I’m against abortion. On the other hand, I believe in a woman’s choice.
Nancy Reagan

(From a speech given at George Washington University in 1984)

So, “I don’t believe in murder but I believe it is your right to commit murder?”


Sounds to me like she had conflicting views that she had not reconciled.


And, jftr, the very charming F.L. Laura Bush thought the same.