NASA astronauts set to feast on space-grown vegetables for the first time ever

Astronauts on the International Space Station will sit down to a very special meal tomorrow as they become the first people to ever eat vegetables grown on the station itself.

Members of the Expedition 44 team will tuck in to the fruits (and veg) of labour of NASA’s Veg-01 experiment resulting from food growth technology aboard the station’s orbiting laboratory - appropriately named Veggie.

NASA astronauts set to feast on space-grown vegetables for the first time ever - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent

Shades of science fiction. For years I saw movies that had hydroponic gardens on spaceships which provided food for the crew. We have experimented with closed environmental environments for years with the thought of reusing everything. This looks like a step forward.

Now if obama does not pull funding so he can provide more weapons for terrorists.

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I wonder how weed would do up there.

Luckily, most astronauts would not be stupid enough to partake in smoking it.

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Of course, I’m not advocating that. But it would still be interesting to see how well it grows up there. Plant some right next to the basil.

I’d be more interested in how it grows on Mars. Those folks will have some time to kill.

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Dumb question? How are the plants staying in the pots w/no gravity?

(I’ll hold back on my other question, lest I remove all doubt.)

I can only guess, but I’m thinking some sort of spongelike arrangement with the nutrients being fed to the sponge for the roots to absorb.

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Okay. Sounds logical. And I guess the pots are wired down to the racks. :cool:

I’m gonna brave removing all doubt. I thought the Space Station was in space; as in, not on the ground. At least all the pics I’ve seen of it are in mid-space. How’s come the garden is sitting on the ground? ???