Nation driven not by laws


I’ll be very brief.

In case there was any doubt on the part of some, it was shoved in our faces yesterday that America is no longer a nation driven by the rule of law.

On the contrary, ours is a nation that is now almost entirely driven by ideology. And, after several decades of an educational system that has touted an ideology in direct opposition to that which made us the envy of the world - a Progressive ideology that, under Hillary Clinton, will be forever codified by her Supreme Court appointments - US citizens have now at once been party to and a witness of what amounts to nothing less than a coup de tat.

This bloodless coup, decades in the making and supported/promoted by the “5th Estate”, has been largely ignored by our citizenry. A citizenry that has been fully propagandized and anesthetized by an educational system controlled largely by a '60s radical philosophy and a 24/7 media that has been nothing less than complicit in the coup.

Government agencies, at one time believed by most to be keeping the foxes out of the henhouse, have themselves become fully infested with ideologues who themselves have been complicit in the coup.

100 years from now my generation will be held in contempt and utter disgrace by serious scholars attempting to explain what has occurred. While we will be fully deserving of scorn as a people, let it be known that some of us who were 1st hand witnesses to the decline feel that sense of disgrace and contempt along with a deep frustration that comes from the realization that our pride in America has been stolen.

Now, on to what is really important. What time does “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” come on?


I blogged this over a year ago, seems quite relevant now; I predict this is one of those “Extremist” ideas that I have which will soon become pretty mainstream.

Republican Operative / A Government Of Laws Not Men?


IF you don’t mind. I don’t particularly have any problem with your post…but coup de tat. PLEASE. COUP D’ETAT dammit.


What occurred 2 days ago, as our FBI Director make is talk to our nation will not go unnoticed by the historians. We have as a people have always known the rich, famous and politicos get better treatment and often a pass, but nonetheless we plenty of them behind bars and disbarred.

But what occurred 2 days ago was nothing short of epic fail to enforce the law when it was at one of its most extreme points, where the lives of Americans were put in harm’s way and our national secrets that if known could endanger this country and its stability.

Were I POTUS I would call in the FBI Director and demand he resign immediately if not sooner, I would take action to bar Hitlery Klinton from ever holding any federal position at any level.

The results of what the FBI Director did in not recommending charges will significantly change our govt going forward. We have watched a govt of lawlessness for the past almost 8 years and this will solidify this activity as the new normal. If Klinton gets elected it will give her a free hand to do as she sees fit and the Constitution and our laws be DAMNED! The stage has been set for govt employees to be treated as “above the law”; lay the foundation for Fascism, Tyranny and enable the success of communism -socialism as our lifestyle. It will reduce the Constitution to an old out of date historical document, no longer applicable to a modern and progressive society.

For you younger readers, the old nickname for the FBI was the “Untouchable”. This came from the gangster days in NYC and Chicago, where the gangsters ruled and in fact all of the govt and police worked for and were paid by the like of Al Capone. But it was the FBI that cleaned it up and they were never on the ‘take’, they were known as Untouchables because of their honesty and above reproach.

The FBI and the SCOTUS have always been the peoples bastion of integrity, honesty and doing the right thing for the good of America and its people…however, that has all changed under the lawless rule of Obama, he gave it Chief Justice John Roberts and his ruling on Obamacare, he has not given us the FBI and its ruling on Klinton. When you destroy the bedrock foundations the Govt crumbles into a iron fisted tyrant that will turn on it people. What little shred of respect I had for our govt is now gone…