National anthem verse used to defend Kaepernick does not ‘celebrate slavery’


In order to come to the support of the virulently anti-American blather disgorged by San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick, some in the media are claiming that the National Anthem has a verse supporting slavery. This, though, is just another big media lie.
Last week Kaepernick caused outrage when he refused to stand at attention for the playing of our national anthem at the beginning of a game with Green Bay.

Firstly historians say the term “hireling & slave” was meant as a swipe at the British practice of shanghaiing sailors off the high seas and impressing them into service in the British Navy. It apparently had nothing to do with America’s “Peculiar Institution” of chattel slavery.

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As usual Black Lies Matter and those who supports it really do not have a leg to stand on since what they want is complete freedom to do what ever they want without recourse.


You are 100% correct. That said the BLM and the spokes people that claim to represent the nations Blacks are not smart people. They are 1 trick ponies that hang their hat on oppression by the white man and they say that as we have a Black POTUS in his SECOND term. IMO if you take JJ and Sharpton along with the Congressional Black Cactus all of which are nothing but a thorn in our sides and do nothing but sell out the people they claim to support. More and more I meet black socially that are very conservative and along with that I find they are also successful in Corporate America in what is called the ‘white man’s world’.

In 5+ years of dealing with customers I have yet to meet any Blacks that were anything but friendly, open and good folks…maybe the ones I have met have been that <10% who don’t vote Dim…


Ah, yes, I had forgotten about that practice.