National Anthem

The National Anthem thing in a second, but first a few words about the Steelers (my team) and the Packers (my friend Right Wing’s team)

The Steelers won their first two - haven’t done that in a while. Now if they can just get past the Ravens, which they always have trouble with. Big Ben looked good this week. Geez, I didn’t realize he was all of 34.

The Pack stumbled this week though. The talking heads are saying Rodgers is done. While I don’t disagree that he’s been off, especially this past Sunday, I think it’s much much too much early to be writing him off. He could easily catch fire in the weeks to come. I hope he does!

Now the National Anthem thing. It started with Colin Kaepernick.

A few words about that moron (that should be a hint about where I’m going with this).

Now I know appearances are not necessarily indicative of intelligence, political positions, etc. But often they are.

Kaepernick’s appearance USED TO BE RELATIVELY OK - minus the body tats. He kept his hair close cropped:

Length of hair has always been a big deal to me . . . admittedly no logic to it. Perhaps it stuck with me from my days in the Marine Corps. I have always kept it ultra-short. No doubt there are guys on here who keep their hair long, and are still conservative.

I have always dressed conservative, and I just don’t get it with the hip-hop attire:

And minus 100 IQ points for wearing a baseball cap BACKWARDS (except for catchers, of course):

But as soon as K did that National Anthem thing, the “do” was more in line with the hip-hop idiots he supposedly wanted to start a “dialog” about by drawing attention to his disrespect for the anthem and the flag:

Gotta’ hand it to him, he looks the part.

And before I get accused of being “racist”, take a look at this white guy:

I think he stands for the anthem, so as I said, length of hair is not necessarily an indicator of positions.

Now a lot of people view the anthem as just another song with no real meaning, and the flag as just a piece of cloth. Those people would say, “Geeezzz, Jamieson, why are you getting your shorts in such a twist over such a trivial matter?”

This is why:

I’m a vet (USMC - VietNam) and one of the things the anthem/flag stand for is all those who gave their lives and limbs from WWI to WWII to Korea to VietNam to Iraq to Afghanistan, etc. Disrespecting the anthem/flag is disrespecting those heroes.

This Kaepernick thing just pisses me off.

Have unarmed black people been shot by police? Sure. How many and how often? I have no idea, but my suspicion is not very many and not very often. But before the lefties jump on this, I’ll say that just ONE IS TOO MANY.


I’m sure Al Sharpton would give K time on his MSNBC show (may have already . . . I don’t watch that crap).

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While I am sure there are lots of folks who need to read what you wrote, the pic, brought tears to my eyes, there is a special place in my heart and life for the USMC: Operation Pegasus

So as the scumbag sits a USMC uses his hand to stand, what a powerful picture and message that sends.

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This thread reminded me;
9-year-old cerebral palsy kid stand for national anthem.<div class=“lazyYT” data-youtube-id=“QJGwJSLDTpg” data-width=“480” data-height=“270” data-parameters=“feature=oembed&wmode=opaque”></div><div class=“lazyYT” data-youtube-id=“QJGwJSLDTpg” data-width=“480” data-height=“270” data-parameters=“feature=oembed&wmode=opaque”></div>

Long hair looks good. Everyone should have it! Dunno what your problem with that 52 fella is. And the number 7 fella’s problem ain’t his hair either :stuck_out_tongue:

Short hair looks good. Everyone should have it! ~smile~

NO problem with 52. Agree, 7’s hair is the least of his “problems” . . . just “looks” the part for him (to me, anyway . . . but then, I’m a short hair kinda’ guy).

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