National Football League 2013

Are any of you following the NFL this year?

Much like my post in the college thread, my Steelers suck this year. I guess consistency counts for something.

Yeah, it’s been ugly. It must be a rebuilding year. The Packers and Cowboys are hanging in there through difficulties. I can’t believe how well the Chiefs are doing.

I lost interest for the most part years ago but I’ll catch a Giants game when it’s on TV here in Florida.
It ain’t pretty though 1 and 6.
Of course I can always watch the TB Bucs 0 and 6,

It reminds me of the days, growing up in Florida, when the Bucs were terrible and games would actually get blacked out for lack of ticket sales. Shortly after that though, they started winning and eventually made the playoffs. This was back in the John McKay, Ricky Bell, Doug Williams, and Leroy Selmon days. I was never a Bucs fan, but I always pulled for them because they were an underdog. I also used to watch the John McKay show before the pregame shows on Sunday.

In my area, there were a few Bucs fans, a lot of Dolphins fans, and everyone else for some reason pulled for the Cowboys, Steelers, or Oilers. I grew up a Cowboys’ fan and liked the Packers a lot as well, because when I was a kid, I actually met Bart Starr and Ray Nitchke. Over the years, I loved both teams and remained mostly a Cowboys’ fan. The only time I would pull for the Packers over the Cowboys when they played each other was if G.B. needed a win more. In the NFC Championships, I was a bit torn, but would pull for Dallas. I was bitter after the Landry firing, always couldn’t stand Jerry Jones, but still loved Dallas through the Jimmy Johnson years. After Jimmy Johnson got fired, but especially when the new stadium, a shrine to Jerry Jones, was built, I started pulling more for the Packers than the Cowboys. I still love the Cowboys, but I will pull for the Packers more until Jerry Jones sells the team.

This year has been okay so far. The Packers are struggling with injuries, but last week just pulled into first place by themselves with a win and a Lions’ loss and Bears’ loss. Dallas did so as well by beating Philly, although I believe the winner of that division will be 8-8 or 9-7, maybe 10-6 at best. Needless to say, I have hated the Giants since I was about 11 and am enjoying their dismal season, but no hard feelings. Welcome to the forum.

I subscribed to the Directv NFL Sunday ticket for a few years and then my first grandson was born.
We’d visit with them on Sundays, that was 15 years ago and I’ve gradually lost interest.

If I had to pick a favorite team it would be the Giants only because my place in NJ is around 8 miles from Giants (Metlife) Stadium.

Make that 0-7.

Yep, 0-7

Hmmm, no NFL teams in LV, and none in Southern California, kind of a dead area from such large population centers, doesn’t help that my tv is limited to what rabit ears can pick up. That said go 49ers!

San Diego Chargers?

facepalm Of course, why do I always forget them?

[quote=“Robert_Clay, post:11, topic:41473”]
facepalm Of course, why do I always forget them?
[/quote]They are kinda easy to forget, aren’t they.

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The Cardinals are not that far from Vegas either.

[quote=“Right_Wing, post:5, topic:41473”]
This was back in the John McKay
[/quote]That guy had some great quotes. My favorite:

In response to a question about his team’s execution . . . “I’m all in favor of it.”

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Yes, yes they are. I mean they’ve had some good years and some good players but they aren’t some legendary team and they aren’t some norotiously bad team (like the Detroit Lions, at 0-16 you can’t forget them, that is a feat losing every game)

Weirdly enough Arizona has always seemed more…“distant” than Southern California if that makes sense. Physically Phoenix and San Diego are about the same distance away and Arizona proper is actually closer than California proper but a lot of people who live here are originally from California.

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Much like my post in the college thread, my Steelers suck this year. I guess consistency counts for something.
[/quote]I followed them prior to the Terry Bradshaw/Chuck Knoll/Franco Harris/Steel Curtain days. They were consistently in the cellar, so nobody deserved the rise in the 70’s as much as old man Rooney.

The cigar, the coke-bottle glasses, and the gravely voice were classics . . . how in the world he could have sired today’s wimp that was the Obama ambassador to Ireland, I have no idea.

I generally don’t dislike a team because of the owner (the Cowboys and that arrogant moron Jerry Jones are an exception . . . the Cowboys are a good team, but Jerry Jones is just too much) . . . Rooney Jr. is a close runner-up.

With the exception of Cower and his spitting and jutting jaw, I don’t think the Steelers have that “attitude” any more. Tomlin is OK, but he just doesn’t have the same intensity.

The best example was when Jack Lambert said, “Nobody intimidates the Pittsburgh Steelers . . . we’re the intimidators” . . . he said that in the locker room after SuperBowl X. The incident was precipitated when a Cowboy, Cliff Harris, sarcastically patted Steelers kicker Roy Gerela on the helmet when Gerela missed a field goal. Lambert ripped Harris away from Gerela and threw him to the ground, challenging Harris and the other 10 Cowboys on the field to a street brawl.

Those days are gone.

I remember the old Dan Fouts days. It seemed like they were in the AFC Championship or at least the playoffs every year. These days, they have a good team, but they are inconsistent. That’s the way it has been for the last few years at least.

I remember those days. Read my post a few posts up about my history as a Dallas fan. My brother grew up as a Steelers fan at the same time in the same house. We battled in the living room, while the players battled on the field. I remember the Lambert incident. I also remember the one in Super Bowl XIII, I believe, when he picked up Drew Pearson after a catch, carried him back to the original line of scrimmage and dropped him. These days, if you pat an opposing player on the head, you will get flagged for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct.

I grew up hating the Steelers and it wasn’t until a few years ago when I saw the 70s Steelers in a different light. I read one of Tony Dungy’s books and there was a chapter or two about his days with the Steelers. He wrote about how some would go off to the clubs during road games, but Donnie Shell led a Bible study for road games which many of the married players, especially, attended rather than going out to the clubs. I thought, Wow! Theseare the people I despised?

[quote=“Right_Wing, post:17, topic:41473”]
I remember the old Dan Fouts days
[/quote]“Air Corryell”, Charlie Joiner, Kellen Winslow, and circus catches.

Fouts was an Oregon Duck, wasn’t he?

And Don Coryell on the sideline always looked like he had just bitten into a lemon!!!

Coryell was an assistant coach under John McKay for the USC Trojans.

John Madden was an assistant under Coryell when Coryell was the head coach for San Diego State.

[quote=“Right_Wing, post:17, topic:41473”]
These days, they have a good team, but they are inconsistent
[/quote]Yeah, I think that’s Phillip Rivers mostly. One week, he’s brilliant, and the next he’s a bum.

Do you remember Jefferson on the old Chargers? I believe they called him J.J. He was short and little, but incredibly acrobatic and caught everything thrown near him.