Nationwide High Noon Rallies to Oppose Obama's Gun Grab Read Latest Breaking News f


Angered and afraid that President Barack Obama’s proposals to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are a ploy to strip them of their right to own weapons, pro-gun activists plan to rally across America on Saturday. Using Facebook and other social media, a group called Guns Across America plans rallies in 49 states, mostly at state capitols and all at “high noon” local time.
“There is no question in my mind that if the federal government could get away with it they would keep passing gun laws until the Second Amendment has gone,” said Eric Reed, an airline pilot in Texas who launched the group. “We as a people have to stand together on this.”

Read Latest Breaking News from Pro-gun Activists Plan Rallies

The point is people are seeing exactly where this is going with the ultimate goal of stripping Americans of guns. History should tell you what is next when this was accomplished in other countries.


Did the rally already happen?


I cleaned my guns in reverence for the moment! :smiley: