Nazi Democrats, no longer an American Party

Democrats or Nazis:

Murder of complete groups of humans: Nazis and Jews, Democrats and abortion
Gun Control
Suppression of Free Speech
Roving Thugs: Nazis and Brownshirts, Democrats and BLM/Antifa
Junk Science forced into Schools

Answer: Both

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It’s always been about control. If you want to become a slave to them in your own country, vote Democrat.

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My position is that once you get to a certain point of extremism, labels no longer matter. Marxist, Nazi, Communist, Fascist . . . it’s all the same when you get to a certain point.

For example, Hitler and Stalin are exactly the same, even though one is a Nazi and one is a Communist. They both had concentration camps and gulags, they both killed Jews, they were both ruthless dictators, they both made war on their neighbors, they both had secret police (Gestapo and KGB) . . . they’re both exactly the same. So what does it matter whether the you call them a fascist or a Nazi or a Communist or whatever, when they are both exactly the same.

So as far as me calling Democrats “Nazis” goes, I could call them Communists, or I could call them Marxists, but if I did people just gloss over and their eyes would glaze over and they don’t care. But calling them Nazis gets people all jazzed up and that’s what I want. But it doesn’t matter either way, because the bullet points that I laid out in my video are the same for Democrats, Communists, Nazis, Fascists, Marxists, Bolsheviks, or whatever!

So the people that I’m all wrong with the Nazi comparison, THEY are the ones who are wrong. I am one hundred percent correct and the Nazi Democrats (Communist Democrats, whatever) are the enemy of Liberty and the enemy of humanity and the enemy of America.

And those are the facts.

You and I are on the same page. As de Suza writes, the Nazis and the Communists are are two sides of the same coin. The Nazis were “The National SOCIALIST Party.” Stalin joined the Allies in World War II to save his butt after Hitler double crossed him. Before that, he and Hitler were carving up Poland together.

My Republican politician grandfather, whom I never met, said that the U.S. should stayed out of World War II and let Hitler and Stalin fight it out. When one of them had won, we would come in and killed the winner. Sounds like a good strategy if it had worked. China and North Korea and nothing more than left over communist regimes that Stalin created. Even though he’s dead, that evil man reaches out from the beyond that grave.

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I sort of thought so.

Correct. He explains it better in another video that IU will post at the bottom of this post.

Exactly! That little piece of history is often glossed over. The Democrats ended up veing an ally with a guy who was Hitler’s equal in evil.

Very good. Also good would have been to still invade Hitler from th west so we could protect the Western allies, while Hitler and Stalin still fought eacvh other in the east, without any help or allinace from us going to Russia. They could tough it out on their own.

Then we may have ended up with Poland and East Germany and all that.

Ahh, China. I’ll save that for another post.

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American Hero

Don’t hold back, gurl, tell us what you really think.


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Last night should be a wake-up call for the Democrats. They have listened for too long to the likes of AOC and the Squad, Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer.

Pelosi has indicated that it will be full steam ahead with their ridiculous spending bill. She will not change her strategy. The infrastructure, which has its merits and its faults, will still be tied to the stupid $1.7 trillion boondoggle. Maybe some other Democrats, fearing for their seats, will strangle this monstrosity. There is a Democratic senator from New Hampshire who up for re-election next year. Maybe she will be the no vote that comes out of nowhere to end this madness.

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LOL :slight_smile:

She knows the writing is on the wall. They will lose the House inn 2022


Nancy is just going through the motions. She didn’t have the votes before Tuesday’s Red Wave so she damn well doesn’t have them now. Jack Posobiec reports that Nancy has been telling people she will not run for re-election. Not a surprise, she’s 81, never gonna be Speaker again and has already milked the system for millions.

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If only that were true, no matter what happens. I will predict that she will resign if the Democrats win the house. She’ll be 82 by then and would have to wait until she’s 84 to get back in power. You can’t pump enough Botox into her body to keep that old crone going for that long.

She is a crook.

You should read through Jack Posobiec’s tweets. Really good stuff: LINK .

Anyone who says there was an insurrection on Jan 6 is obviously dopey…

But , is an actual insurrection called for now?

The Nazi Democrats are systematically destroying America. They are destroying the minds of children with sexual perversions and CRT hate, they are destroying the family, and they are destroying the economy: Shelves are empty, supply lines disrupted, forced firings over fascist mandates, etc etc etc.

Then of course we have Gestapo Nazis like Garland who are weaponizing the FBI to literally attack normal American families, the ones we still have left that is.

The Nazi anti-gun people are making it harder and herder to get a gun, and to get ammo. Going after the ammo is their latest trick.

Free speech? Forget it. You get cancelled by the Left, and being a former president does not protect you.

Nazi Democrats are the enemy of America.

So, is a real Insurrection called for? Well, consider this: What were the conditions before the first revolution. Were they as bad as this? In some was they are worse now. So, is a real Insurrection called for?

Al I can say is, if a real continental army made its way to DC to unseat Biden, I would want to be with them.