Nazi Extremism


If you read thru the story it constantly refers to “far right” over and over: The BASIS for labeling Nazi far right is:

"The majority of scholars identify Nazism in practice as a form of far-right politics.[SUP][11][/SUP] Far-right themes in Nazism include the argument that superior people have a right to dominate over other people and purge society of supposed inferior elements."
In other words it revolves around racism and nationalism, or in todays vernacular: “White privilege and America First”.

Being a WHITE guy and in my 70’s I am still looking for my so called “white privilege”, will let you know soon as I find it.

Putting America first in Trump’s (and my view) is NOT isolationism, but making sure we don’t leave the trading table with a BAD deal aka Hillary/Kerry and Obama giving away America.

As the Nazi’s being far right? Not if you study history. Their actions were far left and the “majority of scholars” well that is the EXTREME FAR LEFT making that statement. Of the 260+ MILLION people killed by their own GOVT since 1900, all of the GOVTS have been far left, mostly dictatorships! Even Hitlers own words on Nazism he claimed it was neither left nor right, but being based upon socialism and racism which is owned by the far left…

German Army Battling Nazi Extremism, Stolen Guns And False Flag Plots

The German Army Is Battling Stolen Guns, False Flag Plots, And Nazi Extremism Within Its RanksBy James Clark
on May 12, 2017

Gear accountability: There’s a reason it’s pounded into a service member’s head from day one at boot camp. You’re being handed a perfect killing tool, its destructive power utterly dependent on whoever squeezes the trigger. And that’s the thing about your weapon: when someone jacks it from, let’s say an armored vehicle at a German Army base, it stops being yours.

That’s precisely what happened in February when a cache of military weapons and gear were stolen from a facility in northern Germany, according to the Associated Press.
The theft only came to light on May 11 when the German Defense Ministry announced that two G36 assault rifles, one P8 pistol, a flare gun, two mags (sans ammo) a pair of radios and one set of binoculars were stolen from inside an armored vehicle on a military training facility near Münster, Germany earlier this year.
This would be concerning on its own, but this incident comes as the German military investigates a far-right assassination plot by a civilian and two soldiers in which one perpetrator posed as a Syrian refugee with the intent of carrying out a “false flag” attack to cast suspicion and blame on refugees flowing into the country. From the BBC:[/COLOR]


Yeah, someone needs to let me know where I can get my share of White privilege.