NBC blasphemes Christ


I guess this is not surprising to most. It’s just disgusting. I wonder what would have happened if NBC did the same thing with ol’ muhummad???

NBC Declares War on Christians | NBC | Fox Nation


I saw it and it was both tasteless and not funny…but I would attribute that to the cast & writers rather than NBC.
SNL has been doing tasteless and unfunny things for decades and it always gets worse when they have a lack of talent as they do now. (Fortunately…it gets way better and not much worse on some regular cycle which I think has something to do with the 7 year locusts.)
Closest thing to an attack on Islam was when Dennis Miller sang: " [singing an off-key, parodied version of Cat Stevens’ “Moonshadow.”] I’m being followed by a big Muslim, big Muslim, big Muslim. Biiiig Muslim, Big Muslim!

I’m not sure they’re any more in favor of Islam than Christianity…but they’re afraid of Islam more!


Its SNL’s job to be controversial and funny. I would call it less of an attack and more of what they just do.


This is more an SNL parody of Django Unchained and the Tarantino-style than “declaring War on Christians.” Can we tone down the dramatics? They’re just using the Jesus story as a basis for their parody.


I will if you will, Trekky. :rofl:


I stopped watching SNL when the last of the original cast left…plus, by then, I had grown up. I don’t find anything on SNL funny–with the exception of the time Sinead O’connor made herself look like the back end of a mule. :sick:


Trekky it’s trash but then again SNL is trash. Not one lick of talent in either the personages on stage, the writers and producers. Shock is all they can hope for now. This garbage is not necessary . NBC knows this but they actually believe they have a viable audience. Then again look who owns NBC and affiliates.


Heads would roll. Literally!


You got that right! Don’t forget the “fatwa” that would be declared! Blatant double standards, but typical of the MSM.



Y’all keep giving me chances to insert song lyrics. I’ll take those chances every time


Lyrics that are much too young for me, BOP! :slight_smile: How ‘bout some Beatles’ lyrics? Those I remember! :slight_smile:


How about some Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?


Now you’re talking my language friend! “Picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidscope eyes…cellophane flowers of yellow and green towering over your head…look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she’s gone…Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…”

All of that from memory… but ask me what I had for dinner last night and I wouldn’t be able to tell you. BTW, who is the singer/band in the lyrics you quoted?


Haha that song… He was definitely on something. Probably LSD- Lucy Sky Diamonds :wink:

It’s by the yeah yeah yeahs. It’s reply not that good of a song. It just applied to what RW said


Hey BOP…can you tell me what Beatles’ song this is?

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide then I turn and I go for a ride and I see you again! Yeah, yeah yeah!

Or this one: Happy ever after in the market place, Molly lets the children lend a hand, Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face, And in the evening she’s a singer with the band

I have more…heh-heh-heh![/evil laugh]


Haha unfortunately I can’t. I never could get into old stuff too much. Lou Reed is good though


Ah man! Lou Reed (You’ll Never Know) was awesome. Even my mom liked his music! Hey, do you believe that Ringo Starr is 72 years old??


Ummmmm…LOL…that was Lou Rawls!! Lou Reed is not your type.

McCartney was on SNL last night in a repeat of his Xmas performance. He needs to stop as he is becoming embarrassing.
Oddly enough…since this started as an SNL thread…it was an excellent show since Martin Short came back as host and made me wish he’d never left. Based on his career trajectory since then…betcha he feels the same…I must say. :smiley:


Ok…what did Lou Reed sing? Was he the guy who sang “Lightning Strikes” or something like that? I also liked Martin Short. Yeah, I have to agree with you re Paul McCartney. When the Beatles split up, I never really cared for Paul’s music–just a little too sugary for me. I was totally a John Lennon fan–guess it was his weirdness that attracted me. But, I have to say that I think the Beatle who survived it all and became quite a great guy is Ringo. I saw him interviewed last year re the drugs that the Beatles got into. He was very open and honest. He said, “Being popular and wealthy gives one license to act childish.” I thought that was brutally honest.


Lou Reed is probably most famous for Walk on the Wild Side. Led the Velvet Underground.

As for Ringo…I liked his wife better! … but he did seem the most normal.