Nebraska Jews Recall Senator Chuck Hagel as “Unfriendly” and “Unmovable” on Israel...


Nebraska Jews Recall Senator Chuck Hagel as “Unfriendly” and “Unmovable” on Israel, “Didn’t Give a Damn About the Jewish Community”

While former Nebraska Senator and likely Secretary of Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel, has drawn criticism in recent days over his foreign policy positions, and specifically his hostility to Israel, members of Nebraska’s Jewish community spoke to The Algemeiner about their experiences with him during his time in office.

“He was not the most responsive politician in Nebraska to me personally at the Jewish Press and to the Jewish community as a whole,” she said.

“Every other senator, Nelson, Mike Johanns, (congressman) Lee Terry and (congressman) Peter Hoagland they were all very responsive,” she explained, “it didn’t really matter what their party affiliation was, if we were soliciting them for an interview or a greeting ad for Rosh Hashonah or Passover.” However Katzman says that “Hagel’s office never even responded,” adding, “we would make repeated calls, (and received) no response it was pretty obvious that he and his staff were dismissive.”

“Hagel was the only one we have had in Nebraska, who basically showed the Jewish community that he didn’t give a damn about the Jewish community or any of our concerns,” Katzman concluded.

Sen. Hagel ignored and denigrated a minority among his constituents, Jewish people, and is hostile to one of the US’s better allies, Israel. But that’s not to be taken as evidence he might be antisemitic, oh no, Precious!


I will never figure out why, as a group, the Jewish people tend to vote Democratic.


As a Senator, I would not pander to Jews, Mexicans, Blacks, or whoever. Believe me, politicians pander the minority groups to death, especially the ones I mentioned.

My foreign policy views would be based on my own convictions and beliefs.

My assessment of Hagel on Israel is that he supports them, but he is more concerned about America coming first and is wary of foreign influence. That’s the position of our Founding Fathers.

Making decisions about America based on what another country wants is a very serious matter, and should always be questioned.

That is the type of person I would like as Sec. of State. Just as long as they aren’t anti-Israel or anti-semetic.


Chuck Hagel and His Enemies : The New Yorker


The American Jews can either be Israeli or American take your pick.


Funny, I’m an American of German ancestry … more than a few times through the years I’ve expressed having a special interest in Germany, yet I’ve never had anyone hint that I have divided loyalty or told me to pick one OR the other. My family came to the US from Ukraine, and I’ve expressed similar interest in Ukraine, but never … etc…

Why does that question only seem to be asked of Jews who are interested in and sympathetic to Israel? (I am not assuming any single or particular answer to that question, BTW … shouldn’t have to add that qualification, but knowing discussion forums as I do …)


I have a interest in my homeland of India. But I would never advocate special treatment for them when it come to the policies that the American government adopts. I bear no ill will to any country but or elected officials should look after our country first not others. I have said it once before I do not believe in “alliance” we have with Israel. We should leave them alone to make their own decisions and support them militarily and economically through trade agreements. Other than that we have no business interjecting ourselves into their policies of government and vice versa.


Well Pete, what if we had a German lobby, or a Ukrainian lobby? They would get ignored.

I’m sure there are some Jews who care more about Israel than the U.S. Others might be split. And others, who care more about the U.S. then Israel are often, and ironically called anti-semites.

The problem isn’t who their loyalties are to, what matters is who our politicians loyalties are too. I don’t even want dual loyalties. We should support Israel so that we will be blessed, but that does not mean doing what AIPAC or the Israeli government says. They are just people like us, and their first loyalties are to Israel.

It often goes unquestioned what they push, because no politician wants to be called an anti-semite which would ruin their career. I see this as a serious national security issue. Israel and the U.S. usually share similar goals, but that isn’t always the case.