Neil Cavuto embarrasses student who wants free college ....


** Neil Cavuto embarrasses student who wants free college and has no idea how to pay for it **

^^^^Don’t let the title full you.^^^^

This idiot has an answer!
(I’m a lady so I can say that):biggrin:

She believes that stealing from those who have is how all free stuff should be paid for!

This is the mindset of today’s liberals!

Like ObummerCare … It’s F-r-e-e-e doncha know!


This gal sounds like working at Mickey D’s would strain her intelligence.


The left’s UTOPIAN ideas are coming home to roost!!


I think it’s time the taxpayers had a little march of our own.


Free education is a great idea, as long as the ability to get the free education is dependent on a students grades and skills. There are many grants and opportunities to obtain a relatively free/cheap education based on different factors. If America gets away from rewarding the best and brightest for a place of employment, for grants and assisted education, if you stop encouraging innovation and risk, you will become like Canada. Nepotism and cronyism will lead your country down the garden path of mediocrity. Competition is the spice of life; it is what drives you forward. Unfettered, uninterrupted and free competition.

In regards to the video itself, Cavuto cut her off and dragged her to his conclusion. He should have at least allowed her to continue with some of her points, though he obviously breaks it down to it’s basic dangers and she is probably too young to understand the consequences of what they are requesting.

The question isn’t about increased taxes, the issue is about poor management of tax revenue. No greater example of this than in Ontario, when you are are increasing debt to such a high level and putting it on the backs of the next generation it is a threat to the very future of a nations ability to compete and be successful.


Nothing is free. If you haven’t figured that out by the time you’re 25, you’re going to be in for a shock. This gal obviously has no clue about finances, taxes, etc. Government run schools perpetrate this idea that everything should be “free” and as a result we have thousands of people living off the government teat. Those teats are going to dry up with “intellectuals” such as this young woman. Geesh!


When a conversation starts out with the F-r-e-e word, I stop reading!

There is Nothing free!

Free for someone else means that someone else has to pay for it!

Are the professors going to take a huge cut in their salary’s so that everyone can get F-r-e-e educations?


The problem is that most of them have jobs to go to support the parasitic protesters.


We can’t. We are all to busy with jobs and** responsibilities**.


The stupidity of the average college student is unsurprising. You do not even have to attribute to the drivels that these institutions teach. It is simple immaturity and lack of understanding of what they are demanding. I personally think the world would be a wonderful place if everyone was rich and could afford the things they want and stuff was free. Unfortunately that is not the world we live in nor is it a future that is anywhere close to happening.


Unfortunately, a lot of our younger members of society seem to think that this is what will be gained via communism. And that is because government-run schools teach this.


Well, you are right. Income inequality has some been something that has kept growing and growing with no signs of stopping. Since wages haven’t kept pace with the cost of living, odds are these students as they get older, even if they have jobs will just remain… poor.


No point in worrying about it, it means just as little as the trade deficit.

Since wages haven’t kept pace with the cost of living,

Sure, in shoddily run urban spaces that have taxed and regulated people straight into squalor.

Everywhere else, it’s kept pace just fine. Inflation adjustments account for increases in consumer prices, and if consumer purchasing power has grown, with people own more stuff than they did 10 years ago, it can only state things have gotten better. What people are actually griping about, is that it isn’t growing as fast as they’d like.


Nonsense, AS. Prices are going up and wages are GOING DOWN for the average American. Wages aren’t keeping up with “inflation” and haven’t for some time now. I’m facing a plumbing problem that is going to cost me nearly $1,000 and I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY IT so am going to be without household water until I can figure out an answer.


Yes they have. Just as I pointed out in another thread, people thinking wages haven’t aren’t taking total compensation into account.

[The Real “Truth About the Economy:” Have Wages Stagnated?](http://The Real “Truth About the Economy:” Have Wages Stagnated?)

And if you’re not doing that, then as Thomas Sowell has said, you’re not being serious.

and haven’t for some time now.

Parse your time period Dave. Maylar thinks this has been the case since the 1970s, when the only case you could make is either at, or a bit before, 2008.


BS. I don’t CARE “how far back” you want to go. Americans are suffering. Maybe not the top 1%ers, but most everyone else that I know is struggling TODAY and have been for several years now. My income just 10 years ago was in six figures. Today, it’s around $35K and have you tried to buy a pound of HAMBURGER lately? Ten years ago, it was about $1.50. Today, between $5 and $7 per pound depending on how much FAT your willing to “tolerate” in it. True, gasoline is below $2/gallon here, but that’s simply because of the increased PRODUCTION–which THIS government is intent on stopping in its tracks.


The top 1% must be doing well…they hold the strings to government.


Since I can’t get your link to work, I can only assume that you are talking about the Robert Reich’s youtube video?
(Bill Clinton, Obama Buddy)

An answer from Don Boudreaux of George Mason University:

The Real Truth About the Economy: Have Wages Stagnated?

Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is a hero amongst the left and occupy movements. Reich campaigns for higher taxes on investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, otherwise known as “rich people”.

This makes him one of Obama’s favorite economists.
Reich has a video on that argues for more taxes on the rich, which he contends will strengthen the middle class. He uses a string of faulty arguments and some dubious statistics.
In this video below, Don Boudreaux of George Mason University has come to the rescue of the truth by debunking much of Reich’s arguments. It is worth your time to watch.

The Real Truth About the Economy: Have Wages Stagnated?


Don Boudreaux is the one featured in my video.

It matters Dave, parse your time frame. Are you saying wages since the 1970s haven’t grown, or are you saying they haven’t grown since 2005?

This matters, so clarify.

Are you saying wages from the 1970s haven’t grown, or are you saying wages from 2005 haven’t grown? This matters, spell it out.
True, gasoline is below $2/gallon here, but that’s simply because of the increased PRODUCTION

Why the prices fell is neither here nor there, so long as it was a natural economic occurrence. Production is why most prices fall anyway.