Neil Gorsuch Said ‘Merry Christmas’ on Television and People are Going Crazy

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“Happy Holidays” isn’t the unreligious greeting that the left would like it to be; “holiday” is literally derived from “holy day.”


The far left hates Christmas. That has been true for many years. Bill O’Reilly used to talk about “the war on Christmas,” and it is quite real. I can’t understand why they have their panties in wad over it, but, of course, many of them enjoy and look to be offended about anything that might give them a cause.

I was surprised to see Gorsuch did appear on “Fox and Friends” to promote his new book. It’s not unusual for authors to do that in general, but you usually don’t see Supreme Court justices doing it. I have no problem with him presenting his views. I will probably read his book after the first the year.

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Christmas is targetted because the radical left hate the Judeo-Christian principles on which this nation was founded (their denials of American history not withstanding).