Neo-Marxists cannot be reasoned with

I am not surprised that you support such ignorance.

At any rate, everything I said in the first post and every following post is true, suspensions notwithstanding.

It’s etiquette; quality is better than quantity. That’s not ignorance, that’s understanding what actually engages people.

If what you’re saying is important, then you have a duty to say it well.

Not just spamming it.

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You like short posts? Here you go: Neo-Marxists cannot be reasoned with, and neither can their defenders like you who apologize for them.

Here is another short post:


How about, keeping the threads few, and the posts salient? Not posting 3 or 4 follow on posts to the title posts, at the same time you create the thread?

If you want people to care what you write about, it’d be better if you let the title post sit by itself for a while.


Waiting for a refutation

Kinda hard to do with half the board muted can you even hear me or anyone or does it just stop the inboxing?


So folks, with that in mind, one resident Marxist said this about Trump and Epstein in a thread that is supposed to be about slavery and racism:


Now I ask you, is there anything better than that which proves the first post in this thread to be correct? Of course, we all know that Trump have never been charged of even accused of such a filthy act, but facts do not matter to this type of poster.

By golly it sure is

Area Man Groups Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, Adam Smith and Engels & Karl Marx into same group failed high school history.

Assumes 19th Century Communist must of been “rednecks”. Rednecks in in Tsarist Russia… Can we get resident historians to comment on this @Fantasy_Chaser @alaska_slim

Are these the earlier Red Necks you quoted or the 20th century Liberals? or the 20th Century Commies? Or Alien Spore Pods from Roswell?

He’s gotta quit hanging out in the Castro District if he can’t read that well.

He would make a bad D&D Dungeon Master… can’t work with anyone.

Jane also acknowledged that in 1998, she took part in a Miss Teen USA beauty pageant that was associated with Trump. It wasn’t immediately clear whether that was before or after the meeting at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s spokesman didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment about whether Trump, was involved with unlawful acts of minors. So even his people won’t deny it but won’t admit it.

Uh, maybe he’s talking about how the revolution ended up occurring in a rural country…

Stalin was a seminarian, then a meteorologist before he was a revolutionary, so I don’t think “redneck” applies.

Ironically his family was upper middle class. Stalin was a flipping nightmare outside of WW2. He also mentioned the 19th century I can’t think of any communist movement that started in the 19th century some have roots there (Russia), but most of them were part of the early half of the 20th century.

Anyone correct me if I am wrong but outside of that Socialism with a 21st Century Face and Luxembourgism there isn’t really any neo-Marxism. I mean what’s happening in Venezuela happened under the pretense of democracy but had the same effect as actual command and control marxism.

I actually agreed with you the guy had every right to troll Biden and it was funny. You are making yourself a victim. Why do you want to be a victim? You’re threads don’t even answer a question they all start as statements and when I try to inject a question, you counter the question.

Continuing to reinforce the point made in the OP, that Marxist can only argue sinning hate and evil and lies, as I said in a previous post:

I started a thread about slavery and racism. The poster decided to derail the thread and talk about Trump and Epstein saying:

I started a thread about Biden dismantling the border and in the very first reponse, in a flagrant use of sexual innuendo meant to provoke me, the same poster says:

In a thread about the recent event whether a father told Biden “Lets go Brandon” on the phone, once again, in the very first reponse, in another flagrant use of sexual innuendo meant to keep provoking me, he says:

This is the Marxist playbook. They will always attack and smear the source of any information, they will change the subject because they are wrong on every issue, and in frums they will bait and provoke posters.

And of course, they will always, always, just flat out lie through their teeth on issues. Read the four posts immediately preceeding this one. Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin are attacked, “Rednecks” are brouyght into the conversation.

I do not know how long this sort of bot Marxism has to be shoved in everyone’s face before you see that I am correct.

Look at media coverage of Karl Rittenhouse. See the hate and lies that the MSM told about this poor kid. That is how Marxists react to every story and issue, with hate and lies and smears.

In my thread “Democrats lied about embedded agents in Jan 6 protests” I said:

Here it is, bumped up

We must not become the prisoners of words.

It’s not really important, but the current ‘woke’ ‘politically-correct’ crowd who are destroying America have very little in common with any of the several kinds of Marxist who existed in the first half of the 20th Century. Most of them are well-off, well-educated people who have nice jobs, working for the government or big corporations, or will be when they graduate from college.

They actually have disdain or even outright contempt for the real working class. The last thing they want is a society where the workers rule, even in name only.

They have zero in common – politically or morally – with Marxists like this man:

Read his Wiki biography, and then tell me whether the whiney little college brats who shout down speakers they disagree with have anything in common with him.

The elitists in the Democrat Party actually despise most middle class people and middle class values. I understand that mindset because, as a former Democrat, in my undergraduate school days, I had the same attitude. Back then I blamed the middle class for supporting the Viet Nam War. I despised their system of values which lent support to that conflict.

Similarly the elite Democrats hate the attitude of Americans who are looking to keep energy prices down so that they can do their jobs and earn a living. To these Democrats, all that matters is the climate change issue and whatever their new social construct is. I don’t understand it completely but one aspect of it is to give extensive power to gays, transgender people and others whom many Americans view as “perverts.” Democrats must control every aspect of your life, even the pronouns you use, to push through their policies.

The average American and the Republican Party stand in the way of enacting their agenda, and for that the Democrat elites despise us. It’s why they won’t even have a dialog with those who disagree with them. It’s why the Democrats are using the courts, the FBI and the Justice Department to label parents who take an active part in school board meetings as “terrorists.” We are holding back their concept of “progress.” Given that, it is perfectly acceptable to use the powers of law enforcement to further the Democrat policies and crush the opposition.

The poor always die in wars. The more gurrellia members of the party are less social more Eco-Economic. Okay your average Anti-fa probably works at a Coffee shop has a couple of felonies hates the state outright. Maybe works 4 days a week in his spare time trains alone with weapons and explosives. Social Liberals are more decadent educated types and can’t weld any power unless given to them by ballot (Pelosi). Any organized insurgency would split off of the redneck revolt now these are low educated hard working union types and they likely have the most pre military training etc.

Now the chances for sustained insurgency are countless in the GOP but most likely among groups in Idaho. I could see countless chances across the states.

None of this really matters but its going to require a spark a contested election. Maybe even a political false flag. Who knows maybe the elites think they can have a contained insurgency and test Posse Comitatus Act. I think what Doug is trying to say is that marxists organize most lefties don’t.

The DNC/Move-on/Act Blue are the only official party organs. No direction really gets sent without them. Most poor lefties have found unionizing superior to electoral politics.

You thought that was the middle class that LBJ cutting a sweet deal with defense contractors. Thought he could rattle the soviets good.

You think the working and middle class like sending their sons over there. How many dodged the draft. Bombs going off daily at federal sites? Nixon being shut down over something by todays standards seems small? You think that was the middle class keeping the war machine going?

This is where again many confuse social liberals with economic progressives. Elon Musk says he’s socially liberal and economically conservative ie libertarian.

This would be a good reason to support putting constraints on police so they are never used as political weapons.