Neo-Nazis Are Tearing the Furry World Apart


Neo-Nazis Are Tearing the Furry World Apart
04.13.17 6:00 PM ET

The war began when a fascist party and its armband-clad leader led a putsch. Antifascists mobilized in response. Threats of violence ensued.

Then the Rocky Mountain Fur Con canceled all future events.
The Fur Con is an annual summit in Denver, Colorado, for “furries,” people who present themselves as animals, from donning full-body fur suits to adopting “fursonas” for their character. And just as in the rest of America, a lot of furries resemble Nazis lately.

In Colorado, this splinter group calls itself the Furry Raiders. In 2016 the Raiders sent fur flying when they reserved a large block of Fur Con hotel rooms, sparking a fight that has lasted a year and led to death threats, allegations of tax evasion, intrigue around a suspected sovereign citizen, and the discovery of a sex offender on the Fur Con board. On Monday, Fur Con leaders chickened out of the convention altogether.

Somebody’s going Full-Onion while imagining themselves to be speaking seriously. For those blessed not to have heard of “furries”, they go beyond Star Trek or Star Wars style costuming and imagine the animal they dress up as is who/what they really are. And it sometimes gets sexual. But just in case you miss the key message, those racist and everything-else-evil-ist alt-______s are everywhere! Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!


WOW, just WOW!!!