This is how Nevada was stolen and once it is understood it will be obvious how Trump will expose it if they need the votes.

Nevada sent a mail in ballot to every registered voter without requiring a request and Nevada has early in person voting as well; these 2 things are critical to understanding how they can hide voter fraud.

Each precinct that is in on the fraud has a list of all the registered voters in their precinct before early voting starts and mail in ballots start coming in; as the voting commences they cross off the names of those who voted in person and those who mail in their votes.

This leaves them an accurate list of registered voters who are not participating in the election but who have received a ballot in the mail; the early voting and mail system means this list is easy to maintain with the only high pressure accounting happening on election day.

So they wait for the polls to close on election day and they start counting as usual, but the precincts quickly update the list of who voted so they can cross those names off of their list of registered voters who got a ballot in the mail; leaving them with a near perfect list of the eligible voters who didn’t participate.

Then they stop the counting.

This leaves them several hours to stuff Biden votes into envelopes of registered voters who didn’t participate, they may have faked some post marks but this wouldn’t be necessary at this point if they dropped the fake votes into the stack of envelopes that were dropped off in person before the polls closed.

Then counting resumes but it cannot be called until the deadline for the mail in ballots is reached because some number of those voters that they fraudulently cast will have voted by mail and come in late with a valid postmark; when that happens they pull the fake envelope and ballot and introduce the legitimate envelope and ballot. If the legit ballot was for Biden the count doesn’t change but if was for Trump it will show up later as a counting error in the recount; as long as they keep track of these anomalies they can still insure a final Biden win.

That means that the only way to prove fraud is by the signatures on the fraudulent mail in ballot envelopes or by contacting the voters shown to have participated via the mail in ballot system and asking them if they did vote.

That makes it harder and more time consuming to prove fraud, the voter participation rate will be ridiculously high in Nevada and Wisconsin due to this fraud but the old ways like double voting and changing the count on ballots is not how it was done in this election; the mail in system has changed everything about voter fraud so our team needs to stop focusing on the old “look for dead people voting and nefarious counting” tricks from previous elections and understand how the system introduced this year makes all of that obsolete.

It is far easier to make the fraud look legitimate with this year’s system, if we waste time looking in the wrong places we will run out of time.

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This sucks because I actually live in Nevada.