New California Law Limits How Much Water People Can Use


Invest in RotoRooter now.:upside_down_face:


I wonder how in the world they intend to enforce that on people who aren’t on city water.


Wonder how many backyard swimming pools will go the way of the passenger pigeon?



Kalifornia is well known for passing environmental laws that ignore PRACTICALITIES.

For example, when I flush my toilet I want it to be able to make a head of cabbage disappear.


With Obama’s low volume toilets, you end up flushing several times just to make toilet paper go down . . . thus you end up using MORE water than you would with a single flush “old fashioned” toilet.

Duhhhh . . .

Not only am I baffled why a business would locate in Kalifornia, I’m baffled why a PERSON would locate in Kalifornia.

Apologies to RET . . . I think he’s stuck there.


So I guess its now 35642 laws that I will ignore, yawn.


As usual, there seems to be a bunch of exceptions… for people with swimming pools, water features, landscaping and so on. In other words, people of means (who would ignore this crap anyway, even while they try to push it on you).


So I just figured out that my family of four uses 149.7 gallons per day, with no restrictions. No backyard pool. I don’t water my grass, but the wife does water her garden and I wash cars. It still doesn’t creep up much more than that rate during the summer. I find this law appalling on the face of it, but really how restrictive is it?

How does this apply to folks with wells? Who tracks them?

Or fining people for not watering their lawns while being told not to use water.


Doesn’t not watering your lawn create a fire hazard? . . . in a state where catastrophic wild fires are predominant already.

Hey . . . let’s increase the risk.

Another “duhhhh” for Moonbeam.


It’s a state where people making six figures cannot afford rent and sunlight comes with a cancer warning label!