New cnn poll!


Dear Suh,
It has been pointed out to me that the CONTAMINATED NEWS NETWORK( C.N.N.) has declared the results of a new, major poll which shows the Former Secretary of State over Mr.Donald Trump by a large margin. Horrors and Terror to we Republicans!!!
Now, look here…let an old hand at POLITICAL HARDBALL instruct here a little bit…

  1. A large portion of Mr.Trump’s support are NOT regular voters…they are disgruntled Americans who is tired of the BS.
  2. CNN and other Liberal Brainwashers are trying to make it look,to the Mr and Mrs Trump Supporter, as if the Former Secretary of State has such a COMANDING LEAD that “you all might as well not vote”.:grin:
  3. Unless you don’t CARE anymore about your country than to let ANOTHER four or eight years go down the tubes, you had best,By Ned, vote like your family depends on it (they do) and your country depends on it (we do) and so forth.
  4. If Ted Cruz (the Texas / Canadian Connection) wins the nomination, you best forget your bad humor and VOTE ANYHOW!!!

Personally, with me it’s DONALD[SIZE=1]or [SIZE=5]DUCK!:ranger:[/SIZE][/SIZE]

My Insignificant Other, the Baton Rouge Bombshell, feels the same way…

Senator Filibuster Foghorn


For what it is worth - IMO there is more truth than poetry in the highlighted sentence.:angry:


Look at this, a Fox poll has Clinton beating Trump by 11: RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Damn you liberal media!!!


Fox hates Trump more than MSNBC. Trump isn’t feuding specifically with CNN or ABC(only to the extent that the entire mainstream media hates him).

Not that I think Fox is skewing the poll. I don’t doubt that Clinton is leading in this early poll. Trump has not yet pivoted to the general election.


Agreed. These polls are all way way premature (although I like seeing my party crushing Trump this far out). I still think the FBI is likely to recommend Hillary be indicted by the Justice Dept., and then all Hell will break loose.


The FBI can recommend all they want…doesn’t mean anyone has to do anything about it.


Polls are polls and I have little doubt that they are somewhat ‘skewed’ to favor the left. However, it is also important to realize that Trump has won heavily in open primary states. He even stated that he is winning over DEMS. I believe Donald thinks that he is so great that he just may not realize that DEMS are voting for him so that he gets the nomination as the majority of polls indicate that he isn’t win against Hillary and I tend to agree. There are Republicans that have vowed not to vote for him … not exactly the path to the oval office.


Exactly, Trump is stuck in 30s and alienating more people every day as are his supporters, he can only break into the 40s in open primary States; even Romney was getting a majority of GOP support at this point in many States.


I know when you say Trump stuck in the 30’s and can only break into the 40’s, you refer to PERCENTAGES…But my historical bent for irony made me think of the 1930’s. I mean, here you have a LOOMING DEPRESSION,A LAME PRESIDENT (HAH! That’s a joke,son! Get it?) WAR ON THE HORIZON WITH ASIAN HORDES , AND THEN COMES THE 1940’s…BOOM! If we needed a president (even an ole Democrat) then, we sho’ do now!
So, who can make a difference?
I mean, we have had DOUBLE TERMS of Clinton, George Jr, and Obama…and things are worse than ever. WHo can help and how?

  1. I don’t think the North Koreans ,ISIS, or Red Chinese (or anybody else) can SCARE Donald Trump. In fact, I can see him doing a NIKITA KRUSCHEV , beating the desk with his shoe in the United Nations!
  2. Who knows anything about MONEY and MONEY MANAGEMENT? (I ain’t answering that one)
  3. And if the electorate wants to be ELECTRIFIED, vote Mr Trump in…give him the ball and we’ll watch him run.
    Extra Point: He may be the only president ever that can’t be bought! I mean, Frank Roosevelt had a ton of money, so did Jefferson, Taft, Kennedy, etc…but ain’t nobody as loaded as old Donald. And as far as SEXUAL MISCONDUCT…all he did if he got tired of “home cooking”, he just married another one!!! SAFE PLAY! I ain’t seeing a downside here,baby.

The Senator:wave: