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Hi all! The reason I decided to join this site was because of my recent awakening to the truth of conservatism and the thirst for knowledge. Though I grew up in Georgia I never thought about politics until I was high school, living in Denver as a minority. Not sure if it was just adapt- to-overcome but I became liberal and thus voted for Obama. He was a revolutionary, HA! After moving to Montana I slowly, awkwardly, re adjusted to the strong values Montanans share. Cramming to learn all I could, and ignoring regurgitating one liners I leaned on Jay Severin and Beck to tell me the truth, intellectually and straight forward. Long story short I am recently married and starting a family, my values are cemented and decidedly conservative. She was brought up in a house uninterested in politics other than her sister who is liberal. I’ve been able to show her the light and sense a change in her. So main things: how do I stay on top of republican knowledge and bring her fully to my side? 2) why do fruit farmers continue to hire illegal immigrants when it’s literally counter intuitive to American sustainability? 3) what can a 26 y/o do to keep from being afraid for America and change the perception of the Republican Party to millennials like myself?


First off… Over empathy is a sign that you have developed a lack of strong personal boundaries. Not everything is good or should be empathized with because some things… Drugs, Over consumption of Alcohol is harmful.
I would say, focus on strengthening your personal boundaries, otherwise you will be emotionally manipulated with the current propaganda. This leads to Codependant behaviour and other things that cause depression.
Second the millennial perception was not created by millennials. It was created by gay activists who used a host of different propaganda methods. For an explanation of this read the book “After The Ball” written by a gay activist. The idea was to erode morals and values and destroy personal boundaries by using “shaming”… A technique used by Hitler. Young people were specifically targeted because kids love everyone and empathize with lots of things. Kids are very impressionable.

In reality, it is not possible. Gay activist/millennial perception is at it’s heart demonic because its purpose corrupted people psychologically using propaganda and logical fallacies.
I would start by learning about propaganda and how people are manipulated. This focuses a lot of light on dark places… like democrat thought.

Hi and welcome!

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Thanks for the welcome! How come I’m not getting any other responses? New to forums haha

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I find myself doing my best to vote for and promote only actual conservatives in the party.

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A far Nor Cal welcome…

Welcome. Try to be a bit patient with us. Sometimes we are skeptical of new posters until they’ve been here for awhile. Post away and ask specific questions and most of us will answer them honestly and straightforwardly.

Because any welcome is anticlimactic after one from a Magnaclam; I mean, look at that handsome shell…


Hmm…well, welcome. Are you from Wyoming? I’ve been seriously thinking I’d like to move there.

I’ve often thought of moving to Wyoming (not any more, though, I’m too old and decrepit to go that far. But we had a contractor at one the places I worked (a Computer programmer) and he owned 300 acres in Wyoming and was getting ready to move there as soon as he finished the current contract at that company.

[quote=“Susanna, post:10, topic:47763”]
I’ve often thought of moving to Wyoming (not any more, though, I’m too old and decrepit to go that far. But we had a contractor at one the places I worked (a Computer programmer) and he owned 300 acres in Wyoming and was getting ready to move there as soon as he finished the current contract at that company.
[/quote]Montana, Wyoming, Idaho…paradise… but I live in western North Carolina which has its own paradise of a different sort.

I’ve often thought that NC might be a nice place to live, too.

it is. but by the shore.:wave:

[quote=“Susanna, post:12, topic:47763”]
I’ve often thought that NC might be a nice place to live, too.
[/quote]It is. And it’s certainly better in the winter than MONTANAWYOMINGIDAHO. But to me that section of the country is almost Holy like the sites of Rome. I just love that part of the USA.

Winter is the thing, yeah. My wife isn’t keen on sub-zero weather. It doesn’t bother me too much, and I don’t mind the hot weather either. I’ve gotten better response out of Wyoming than I did out of Arizona, but Arizona’s politics aren’t as good as Wyoming’s I think anyway. She likes the weather mild, and it doesn’t get much more mild than where we are right now. But progressive Portland/Eugene/Corvallis rules the state.

Welcome aboard. What part of Georgia were you in? I’m in west central, in between all the cities :smiley:

Welcome to RO!

As far as winning over your wife to Conservatism is concerned, just live it and let her compare the kind of husband and father you are to the other husbands and fathers she knows who embrace the philosophy of the Left.

I was “intolerant and insufferable” on the subject of Conservatism according to my wife back when we were first married, after watching most of her Leftist friends end up divorced, bankrupt and their kids being raised in separate homes over the course of the next decade or so my views became much more acceptable and appreciated.

Conservatism is “The long game”, Liberalism is the “If it feels good, do it” fast food philosophy; over time the fruit of each philosophy will grow on those who embrace them.


I’m from north Georgia. My neighborhood was a place where you could leave your doors unlocked and neighbors were friends. Unfortunately it was turned upside down by invaders who packed 20 people in a 2 bedroom house and put my step dad out of work. Anyhow, after attempting college to become a pilot and working full time while living on my own all the while earning straight A’s, I was told, “no money, no college.” Well butt hurt from that, I thought where else can I make great money, not have a boss over my shoulder all day, and still fill a need for the country? Truck driver! (Gives me plenty of time to consume all The Blaze I can handle) I deliver primarily to northern Wyoming and getting to know the ranchers and business owners who have staked their claim in Gods country has literally shifted my perspective on the world. I understand that you must work for what you want and hand outs create dependency which is paid for the aforementioned. I have so many questions but I’d like to start there. What defines conservatism? Why is it more difficult to create a comprehensive message for the masses to consume regarding conservatism than the easy liberal brand of money comes out of thin air and the government knows what’s best? What is Trumps true motive? Why hasn’t Obama been impeached? Let’s start there

  1. Conservatism means different things to different types of conservatives, so I’ll just post a few things that it means to me and let our other flavors of conservative add their 2 cents as they like.
    a) American exceptionalism (based on the following, which I believe we are losing)
    b) the rule of law
    c) limited government
    d) individual rights and personal liberties
    Most would add “a strong national defense”, but I think that’s just prudence more than a purely conservative tenet.

  2. a) See above.
    b) There are about as many ideas about how government should be limited as there are limited government conservatives. Nobody wants their own ox
    gored, after all!
    c) The people who control the Republican party and it’s messaging are not particularly conservative, and don’t much like the people who are. I was told
    repeatedly that I should stfu and gtfo, so I did.
    d) People who have never had to work have no basis for comprehending economics, because they have never had to trade for anything.

  3. The CIA has an acronym for why the people they recruit as agents-in-place can be induced to betray their home governments: M.I.C.E., for money,
    ideology, conscience, ego. I think that sums up human motivations pretty well, and we are all motivated by all of them to greater or lesser degrees at
    different times for different reasons. I’ll rank each of his motivations on a scale of 1-10 as I see them.

    M- 5 Trump likes his money, but he’s already got quite a pile of it. He’d stand to make a lot after he left office, so it’s in the mix.
    I- 7 I have no doubt Trump would like to “make America great again”, and believes that it is a moral imperative.*
    C- 1 Don’t really see conscience having a lot to do with it.
    E- 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 The man’s just got a massive ego, and being elected president would be the ultimate ‘stroke’

    • America could stand the restoration of it’s prestige, but I still think we’re a great country. Best ever, in fact. Room for improvement, though :wink:
  4. Barrack Obama is a miserable president, a complete failure, an incompetent jackass, a thin-skinned, narcissistic, petulant man-child of a political
    hack…and none of those things are “high crimes or misdemeanors”. Impeachment is a politically charged act, and there can be some pretty serious
    consequences even if it is fully justified, so it isn’t likely to be attempted without an air-tight case, and then the president would be encouraged to resign
    quietly to spare the country the embarrassment and strain of an impeachment trial.

EDIT: Got an uncle at Blairsville, up by the Chickamauga National Battlefield.

EDIT II: DOH! Ringold, not Blairsville. That’s another uncle :smiley:


Thank you for such a detailed response! If your upset at Obama imagine how I feel along millions of others who actually put pen to paper and voted for him. Also I think other that republican leadership holding their constituency down is the complex web of conservative ideals. We need something to sink our teeth into. Part of trumps appeals are sound bytes that are quick and resonate with the American people. Instinctively that’s who he is and how he will react if and when he becomes President.