New DNS service promises faster speeds and increased security for internet users


I am more than impressed!:grinning:

I have Verizon FIOS with a 500/500Mbps internet connection and thought my speeds were pretty good.
(I did have the 940/880Mbps connection because Verizon gave us a trial run!)

I didn’t keep the higher speeds because we are short on money as it is and $80.00 a month … just for the internet is more than we want to pay.

What I am impressed with is Cloudflare’s new tool called

Even with the better than average connection that I have, pages would still tend to load slower than I liked.

After changing my DNS settings to Cloudflare’s recommendations, I am zipping along!

Pages load instantly!

The tool reportedly erases browsing histories after 24 hours and allows for ultra fast internet speeds

If you want to go directly to Cloudflare’s website the url is:


Thanks for the info.

I don’t understand the net neutrality connection here. What good did it do?

Also, how would OpenDNS connect my DNS queries to me? They see my IP address, but how do they know who’s using it? As for Google, I guess they have enough information to connect me to any queries to Google DNS, so I’ll stop using them.