New Feature: Tagging Users

Another great feature has made it to RO, thanks to Zedd’s hard work.

You can now tag another member in your post when you want to make sure they see it. This is most useful when you think the user might not see your response (no need to tag a person that’s active in the thread), or when you want to get someone’s attention in a particular thread.

How does it work? Simple, just add the @ mark in front of the member’s name.

For instance:

Thanks [MENTION=12020]Zedd[/MENTION]!



When you tag a user, they’ll receive a notification (in the same menu as Thanks and Private Messages). So they won’t miss it :machinegu


Ugh. I can actually see this as getting cumbersome for those who are tagged.

By the way, what happened to the link for the “thanks” notifications? It brought me to the page with the “thanks” stats, and the listing of the recent “thanks” didn’t include the post number (which was sometimes useful for knowing which post in a given thread was being “thanked” without having to click on the link to find out; which is useful for those of us who are dial-up cripples).

Please let me know here or by PM when an example of this feature’s combersomeness is apparent. We’ll iterate / adjust accordingly.

It was replaced by the new page. We’ll find a way to compensate this oversight- and fix the other small issues with the new thanks page.

I’ve already received five notifications this morning of me having quoted someone or being mentioned by you, and I didn’t select anything special to get them in either case. I post more than most here, but that could get a bit cumbersome in sorting out the wheat from the chaff (I already know when I quote someone, and usually, when someone mentions me I see, I see it unless they’re on my Ignore list).

That will be turned off. Didn’t intend for that to be on. It should only show a notification when you are directly mentioned.

Thanks for letting me know - will fix it and reply back.

I think it should be off. Sorry, will [MENTION=321]Fantasy Chaser[/MENTION] you once just to check.

Nice job [MENTION=10090]WhoIsJohnGalt[/MENTION] and [MENTION=12020]Zedd[/MENTION]!


I showed two new notifications, and one e-mail this afternoon. I’m not sure what the status is now; I’m guessing I’ll find out tomorrow.