New Format


It sucks.


It is…new. It appears it is more geared towards a mobile interface.


I’m not thrilled with it either!


Welcome to the new RO forums @old_dog! Thanks for your feedback, but “it sucks” might change to “i kinda like it” after a few days time - usually does, especially as more options are turned on and as you explore all the options you have.

Did you know you can choose RO’s default theme (background colors, text color, format etc) for your account? You can choose between 2 options at this moment, and a more classical RO theme will be released soon.

To change your theme, click on your user icon in the top right, then click on your username::
04 AM

Then in “Preferences” click on “Interface” and you can change the theme between the default and the Dark theme. New themes will be released here over the next few weeks.


The dark theme is nice. But still very different from RO


Well Apparently It has been a while, drastic changes made and I feel totally lost. What was the matter with our original format. This new format may be fine for the younger generations who adapt quickly but not for us old geezers who are much more comfortable with what we are used to doing. I guess the revamped administration wants younger blood and looks to phase out the old tired blood.


It’s actually new this morning.

I’m not finding it terribly intuitive myself.


It isn’t that the new format is simply different, it’s that it is not intuitive in the least. I’m sorry, but this is one of the worst formatted chat rooms/forums I have ever visited.

Old Dog’s summation, “It Sucks” is a very apt description.

I can see I’m nearing the end of my tenure here.


Appearance-wise I’m not loving it, but it is functional, so far. One can use the text-format buttons offered at the top of the typing window or manually enter BB code tags. The preview window is nice.

I wonder if the BB code underline tags work. That would be a yes. I’ve also learned that nesting formatting still works.


BTW, kudos for how well the SW change was done. Changing forum SW is not for the faint of heart, in general, and it was accomplished while retaining RO’s content (except, apparently, for a few posts just before the cutover). It’s usable, far better than the RYO steampunk forum SW used by DU (and, from what I’ve heard, FR).


I like the new look myself. Though if a more classical option is available, and judging from about it will be soon, I will switch to it. After 8 years I am just too stuck in my ways. XD Let’s give them some time guys.


The transfer took longer than expected. Moving 770,000 posts and 50,000 threads is not so easy. Moving over all the user avatars and background images, harder still. Then mapping the old “Thanks” system to the new thanks system, automating some of the formatting correction in posts, transferring Private Messages, and keeping passwords all the same when both systems use different password locking mechanisms… :biohazard: :mage:

i’ve been up all night a couple nights, just woke up after a long days sleep lol :zzz:


Thanks @MDMikeB
There are some similarities and a lot of differences. I’ll list some differences I think make the new software suck:

  • no signatures
  • background color too white
  • separation between posts not obvious (thin line not like the other easy to tell posts in vBulletin)
  • not intuitive (have you chatted with our “Discobot”? Send him a PM - he’ll teach you all about this new forum software by replying back each time you reply to him)

Any other bullets you’d add?


The effort is appreciated, but why was it necessary? I’m getting fairly long in the tooth, so learning a new sw setup ain’t really high on my list of desirable pastimes… Going back to a more familiar RO look will help a lot.


@qixlqatl RO has been in a pretty unmaintained state for the last couple years - the old software wasn’t maintainable, had security vulnerabilities, and wasn’t something I was willing to take on. The first step to fixing the software was to just get rid of it entirely. vBulletin has limped along for years, but wouldve been just too cumbersome to maintain and extend. And to keep this community thriving I’ve got to be able to maintain it technically.

The merits of this software will hopefully become quickly apparent.


i’m a no on this too.


I think I know what “it sucks” means . . . as an oldster, I don’t respond well to change.

This new format is a steep learning curve . . . I’ve not encountered this BB software before. Liked vbul and see it used a lot in other forums.

Nevertheless, will learn this and once I do, I’ll likely be a fan . . . but right now I’m stepping into the 21ˢᵗ century kicking and screaming.

Liked my old stubby pencil.

Anyway, YES, RO_admin, it’s rily rily UNintuitive . . . at least to me.

And, I’m on a tablet and this doesn’t seem too “mobile friendly” to me.

In any case, will say it again, after I climb this learning curve, I’ll likely change my tune. Right now though, I’m pissed.

But, I’ll get over it.

(Don’t visit that often, so will take me even longer to get this down.)

BTW, @RO_admin, where in the heck are the old front page blogs? Did quite a few of them, and from time-to-time I used to c&p snippets, but now I don’t know how to navigate to them.

For example, I did one on “Conspiracy Theories” . . . how do I get to it?


Fair enough. I’m sure most of us will get used to it.


Okay, I’ll say this for the new software: I’m getting notifications in a weird way, but I AM getting them…


@BobJam the old blog will be migrated over after the dust has settled on the forum migration (still lots of things moving behind the scenes). I’ll be sure to let you and @ret423 know as soon as it’s accessible again.