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Havent got the fix in yet @Zedd and @BobJam - contractor is looking at the problem now though




The manual BB code tags may work for underlining (haven’t tried that yet), but I can’t get them to work for [B]BOLD[/B] . . . or [I]ITALICS[/I].

(The asterisks are what I used for the bold in the quote.)



Not sure what you mean by “in another thread”, so I’ll just do the “challenge” here.

OK . . . I made several posts about Thomas Jefferson here on RO a few years ago.

In the old board SW, I could do an advanced search on the keyword Jefferson, with BobJam as the user (and that’s ALL the information that was needed), and it would return all the posts that contained the word Jefferson MADE BY ME.

Could you show me how to do this with the search feature here?

I tried it like this:

And got this:

Which is clearly wayyyy off.

So, what am I doing wrong?

Again, the ONLY search input needed by the old SW for this kind of advanced search ("find all the posts by BobJam that contain the word ‘Jefferson’) is the user name and the keyword.

Please show me how to do this.




Very close! The only change is to add @ before your “BobJam” in the “Posted by” field. The results for me returned only 3 posts - each by you.

Sorry that seems unintuitive for new users of this software now that I think about it.


I was able to use just the regular search without going to the advanced search by typing only:

Jefferson @BobJam

This is how to get Bold to work. It seems all BB code tags need to be lowercase, using uppercase does not work most of the time.

eg: [b]Bold[/b]


I’ve made a few adjustments to our theme, now there is a blue separation between posts and the footer of the post has a better contrasting grey bar. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

As for post signatures, that option will be turned on this weekend :slight_smile:


Kewl . . . I like it.


@BobJam, In the upper right of RO click on the hamburger menu. At the bottom of the options does it say “Mobile View”. If so, click it to change the layout to mobile for your tablet. That might help with your posting issue.


OK . . . thanks Zedd . . . that did it.

I had thought about the “mobile view” option, but it was buried out of site on the menu. Your post here was responsible for me having another look at it and scrolling down to see it.

Thanks again.



Thank you @Zedd for finding a solution!


IMO a definite improvement. Thank you. Much easier to keep track of posts as I read through them.



Those results are wayyyyyy incomplete. Lemme’ 'splain, and use some screenshots.

First, I did the search exactly as you instructed, and also got a return, like you, of three posts by me:

The post I was thinking of was in a thread about how Jefferson has been glorified a little too much. The thread was titled Jefferson worship and was started by me on April 9ᵗʰ, 2014, in the RO GEEK > History Hall discussion group.

As luck would have it, I happened to retrieve that old post about a month ago, using the old board SW ADVANCED SEARCH, to extract a snippet for an email. Consequently, I knew how to find it manually (which is why I used the keyword Jefferson).

Here is an excerpt of post#1, by ME:


As you can easily see, the word Jefferson appears multiple times, yet the new board SW Advanced search DID NOT pick it up. (The full post is at Jefferson worship )

In that same thread, is another post by me (post#3) with the word Jefferson:


(Tap/click to enlarge.)

Again, the new board SW Advanced search did NOT pick this up.

And finally, again in that same thread, is a post by me (post#24) with the word Jefferson repeated multiple times:


(Tap/click to enlarge.)

And again, the new board SW Advanced search did NOT pick this up.

Lest we think this Jefferson thing is just an anomaly, we’ll do anther one with the word Reagan this time.

The search results:


(Tap/click to enlarge.)

The post I was thinking of was NOT the one that showed up in the results. It was a rebuttal, by me, of some posts made in a thread titled Would Ronald Reagan be a RINO today? and is in the RO OPERATIONS > Left vs. Right discussion group. It was started by user cameryxle and can be found at Would Ronald Reagan be a RINO today?

That post WAS NOT detected by the new SW Advanced search.

That post, by me about Reagan, can also be found in the RO ARCHIVES > Hall of Fame at Reagan was a flaming liberal... but then he wasn't.


(Tap/click to enlarge.)

This post WAS NOT found EITHER.

Some excerpts with the word Reagan:



Why is this so important to me? I frequently think to myself, “I’ve said this exact same thing before, somewhere . . . but WHERE?” I often answer that question with a search on the conservative boards I post on.

I have no desire to reinvent the wheel, so I often c&p from these old posts.

So, can you fix this? You can use these posts of mine with the keywords Jefferson and Reagan as a test. They should be in the returns.

Now, honest injun, I hate finding what I think are flaws in this new SW. I know you are working hard to make this work and make it palatable for users. I applaud that effort, and don’t like adding to your workload. But, as I said, this is important to me.




Will have this looked into asap - I imagine this must be fixable. Thank you for the detail and patience!


Is that why all of the old posts made in the previous software show the quote tags but do not create the quote box around the words between the tags?


I thought I had quoted the post that said tags must be in lower case when I made that last post, but I guess it didn’t work.


That is one reason, another is that for multiline quotes the quote tags need to be on separate lines afaik.

We’re soon to be running our final pass on all old posts to automatically update old quote tags to the new system. This transfer is a multi-stage process, and almost finished.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and patience.

Btw, signatures and old smilies will be available in a few days, hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend.



Subscriptions . . . what is the analog in this new format?

Perhaps a description of my routine at other sites (with vbul) will illustrate the question better.

First of all, though, let’s define “subscription” as it applies to forums.

Having a subscription to a thread simply means that you are interested in it, want to follow it, AND IT SHOWS UP IN A LISTING OF YOUR “SUBSCRIPTIONS”.

OK . . . now for the routine.

First thing I do is look at my list of subscribed threads. If there has been any activity on that thread since my last visit, typically then the thread is bolded or otherwise highlighted.

At a glance, I can tell which subscribed threads I need to look at that have NEW posts.

So . . . I look at those threads and post replies if I am so inclined.

That done, I next look at what’s been posted on ANY thread in, say, the last 24 hours.

Some sites show this as “New Posts”, some show it as “Last 24 hours”, some as “Posts Since Your Last Visit”, some as “Recent Activity”, etc.

After I’ve finished with subscribed posts and new posts, I attend to thread starters that I myself want to post.

Sometimes there are notifications of PM’s, Mentions, Thanks, or awards. If I have any notifications, then typically I attend to these things (the ones that need attention, like PMs or Mentions) and satisfy my curiosity about who thanked me for what post and what “awards” I received (and why).

Anyway, most of the time I start off with the listing of subscriptions, which typically is accessed through the user “contol panel”. Sometimes the control panel is it’s own separate button in the top banner, sometimes it’s on a drop down menu in something like “quick links”, sometimes in a drop down menu somewhere else.

There are two ways to subscribe to a thread in vB:

  1. Simply by posting in a thread, you are automatically subscribed to it. (The presumption being that if you bothered to post in a thread, you are interested in following it . . . a pretty safe assumption, I think.)

  2. You can select to subscribe to a thread WITHOUT posting in it. That selection (“subscribe to this thread”) is typically in a drop down menu for something like “Thread tools”, a link at the top of the thread.

So the question becomes, how do you “subscribe” to a thread in this new format? My sense is that this is “bookmarks”. Is that correct? Is posting in a thread sufficient to get it listed in bookmarks, or do you have to bookmark your own post to follow it?

If so, then perhaps this is just a matter of TERMINOLOGY.

The new format can do all the things the old SW did (except “Advanced search” ~grin~), it just uses different words. Not unusual.

If that’s the case, can you confirm? Can you describe what my routine under the old SW would be under this new stuff?

I think I have it down, but I’d like to get your take on it.

If it IS just a matter of terminology, perhaps some of those less than impressed with this new format would warm to it if you pointed out what the analogs are.


@BobJam the equivalent to subscriptions is bookmarking a thread - you can bookmark them using the bookmark button below the thread.

At the top of the form you can coose to see only the latest, bookmarked, or posts with replies and activity.

As for search, we’ll need a week to look into better indexes. The import to the new software is 99% complete, so we’ll focus on that after we wrap up the last loose end.


in case you missed the announcement :slight_smile:


One of the final migration steps was completed a few minutes ago, it should have fixed bad quote tags in old posts. Please lemme know if you find problems with old posts.

Also most smilies that could be updated to the correct vbulletin smiley tag were.