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is there a front page to this? Does it tell you who is online? where are messages? How do I send a message? How do I get them? How do I search. This is the biggest mess I’ve seen in a while. Are you sure this is the right thing to do??


Calypso, please don’t troll.


BobJam, we’ve made some decent progress researchin but aren’t finished with the new search indexes. Will likely require another week or two as we’re also working on the front blog and landing pages.


“Calypso?” If you’re referring to Caroline, I don’t think she’s trolling; I’m starting to get the hang of this new site software, but there’s plenty of room for genuine frustration.


Calypso is the administrator for thepoliticsforum, uses Caroline as username here on RO.

I agree there are things to get used to, some things that can and will be improved, some things that should and won’t be changed, and others that are simply better in this software - maintenance and security being at the top of that list. Hopefully I’ll pick the right areas to focus on with all the feedback.


First I’ve heard of it; Caroline has posted here for probably the better part of a decade. Not meaning to be contentious, but I raise an eyebrow when someone new (even an admin) comes in and accuses a long-standing member of trolling.


Were the blog pieces that we posted on the old “Member Blog” section backed up when the new software was put online?

I had a few pieces published there that I would like to preserve if possible.


Yes, I’ll try to get them all moved into our From The Blog category this week.


@BobJam I was informed that the search indexes improve over time and learn based on search queries. It appears that may be true because now when I search Jefferson and your username I get more posts than what I did previously. The same is true for Reagan. Do you also notice an increase in posts returned by search for both of those examples?

Vbulletin likely learned over time and indexed more as you searched, the same should happen on this software - so the experts tell me.


Follow up on my last post, we are still attempting to seed the search indexes by simulating searches. hope it gets better across the board



Not there yet . . . I tried some others that failed . . . but, yes, the search function is improving . . . and, yes, I did notice an increase in the number of returns for Jefferson and Reagan.

Would I have to try searches I know should return certain posts in order for the thing to “learn” . . . IOW, using the Reagan example, which still DIDN’T return the Reagan post in the Hall of Fame (titled “Reagan was a flaming liberal . . . but then he wasn’t”), would I have to keep trying that Reagan search for it to “learn” to return the “Reagan was a flaming liberal . . . but then he wasn’t” post?

If so, how many tries would it take, or does it “learn” to index on its own without failed searches?

If it follows the vBul pattern of “learning” (if indeed learning WAS something the vBul advanced search DID do), then it would learn on its own because the vBul advanced search gave me the COMPLETE results right out of the gate . . . I didn’t have to “teach” it with trial and error failed searches.

Can you ask your expert person these questions and relay the answers to me?


P.S. I noticed you said “over time”, which would imply learning on its own WITHOUT user input of failed searches. Is this the correct understanding? If so, how much time would you estimate 'till it gives complete results? Days, weeks, months . . . what?

TIA again.

P.P.S. BTW, thanks very much, sincerely, for getting back to me on this. Good timing . . . 'cause I was about to start bugging you about this.


With this wonderful new format, how to I reply to a post with quote?


Highlight the text you’d like to quote. After highlighting a button will appear next to the text that says “Quote” - click that button


For some reason, mine doesn’t ALWAYS do this. The alternative means is to highlight what you want to quote and hit “Control C”, then hit “Reply” and what you want to quote will appear where you need it.


I’m asking! The quick answer from what I understood was that as you and others wrote posts the old software, when you saved the post, indexed it then. So you didn’t teach it by searching you taught it simply by posting. The old software was on RO from the beginning afaik so it had a chance to learn and index everything from the start because it indexed as you wrote posts. The new software is supposedly gradually scanning the 750,000+ posts on RO and over time will build up a better index.


Just an update, the import process is being tested now - should be done in a few more days.


I did use the search function a couple days ago to see if anyone posted about Cassini, and it pulled up 2005 posts.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure RO was VBulletin from the beginning; I know it was when I joined in July, '06. Mom joined in May, '05, she’s pretty sure it was the same then.


Over my many years on the Internet I have seen some crude interfaces, but that was then and crude was what we got. But this interface takes a trophy for one of the worst I have ever seen*. I am a registered owner of VBulletin and that is what we were on for so many years and I have no idea why we left it behind. I offered to DONATE my VB to RO and even offered to consider a buy to support and get RO up and running again or keep it from dying again maybe.

  • One of my specialities is Software Interface Design or what we used to call Man-Machine Interface. I have designed several interfaces over the years for some very complex systems and I take pride in that my systems work and require a minimal amount of post implementation training. This software is horrible and were my design team to ever even brief me in a mock up with something like this their tenure in my company would be on the edge…in fact if my folks did show me this, I would KNOW it was a joke and we would all have some great laughs over it.


Would you mind sharing specific changes you’d make or problems you’re facing?