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@RET423 the blogs and their comments were imported last week. Comment formatting was supposed to be updated, will follow up on that.

Let me know if you’re trying to find one and can’t for any reason.


Not sure what drove the need to change but I would not haver done so. The existing app worked fine and was either still supported or there was an upgrade path that retained the look and feel. We had a word for interfaces that have a look and feel that is not smooth, elegant and has easily accessible functionality…KLUDGE. The older word was ‘Rube Goldberg’ and maybe today there is a newer and more trendy word.

Yes I am no doubt a bit fanatical about the user interface, but I come from the Steve Jobs school of Software Engineering, clean, simple, elegant and not an impediment to the functionality to be performed…be it a spreadsheet or buying an airline ticket. IMO this software was developed by a bunch of ‘coders’. Coders (programmers), love to write code, they live and breathe it, but the danger in that is their knowledge of code is good, but their understanding of functionality… not so much. In my world, functionality trumps all! But that is just me.


You’re right as far as I know, this software is written by and powers the largest coder forums on the internet. We have a coder to help implement UI design changes but not a designer yet to do the designing


LOL, I could tell, its has the myopic view of coders written all over it. I soon learned (very soon) that to get my product out the LAST people to be hired were coders and you have to front end all development with Business analysts.

Back in the EARLY days of command line interfaces I knew I had to develop and use and icon and graphics based design to meet my goals. So I sat down with my engineers and we worked on the front end. We took various folks form different backgrounds and education level, from GED to Rhodes Scholar and would bring them in, set them down and have the go thru a scenario to take paper based and rewrite and go to print with all the steps in between. We video taped them and timed each action. We did this to verify our GUI and our ICON design.

I cannot tell you the BATTLES I fought over command line vs GUI. Command line was the domain of the coders and GUI SKEERED them to death LOL, I would assure them they were not going to lose their job. I can code and in fact I am quite good at it, especially machine code. But the reality is if its not easy to use then its a waste of time.

So why does the govt EPIC FAIL at IT development. Govt is dominated by coders in IT and in almost ALL major programs i saw they started with a major hire up of nothing but coders and immediately launched into writing code literally on day 1. After an expenditure of $1B and no real results the program is killed, I saw this time and time again. But it never dies completely as it really only gets put on the shelf and after a few years comes back under a different name but mostly the same people. And the results are the same over and over again.

Writing good code is one thing, writing good software is another…


I just started a new job and have some free time to read and talk politics these days. So I decided to come back to RO and BAM! what is this place? Forgot it had changed ha, definitely taking some time to get used to.

That post editor popup “help” sure is usefull and intuitive :vb-sarcasm-clap:


I am migrating here from another forum of 10 years. The format here is very different. I’ll get used to it, I’m sure.
But the thing is, the people here will make the forum. Great conversation and even good argument is essential to keeping folks around. As long as it stays interesting, anyone could figure out how to navigate. The desire for conversation will rule in the end.
Oh yeah, I love the occasional email I get from this place.


please don’t troll?! I don’t want to have to learn all over how to navigate a board…i just want to be able to do it. I haven’t been here in a while because it is too damn frustrating. I just don’t see the sense in this.


now why would you divulge that information?


I don’t think there’s any getting around the learning it to navigate it, but it isn’t as difficult as it seems at first glance. I picked up enough for basic posting and quoting quickly enough.

As to why it was done, as has been mentioned, the old VBulletin software was simply becoming too vulnerable to hacking.