New Format

I gotta tell you that I don’t post very much anymore because I don’t like the new format. It is hard to understand where to go to find topics for each category. What gives? Why did you have to change the format? I thought the old format worked perfectly fine.

They did explain this (though I can’t find where anymore).

The old site was basically abandon-ware that was falling apart, and was vulnerable to hacking. This new portal is easier to maintain because there’s an active staff of people out there developing it, and it is more secure.

It wasn’t simply “we admins like this format better”, but practical concerns surrounding upkeep and security.

It’s different, but for basic posting, quoting, and PMs, it’s not too difficult to learn (it also has the benefit of instant post preview as you type).

You gotta stick around a while to get used to the new format. I don’t like it either, but I understand VBulletin was riddled with security issues, and nobody wanted to fix them. I wish someone would come up with something similar without said issues. But I think everyone is trying to cater to the younger generation.

When I’ve gone through all the notifications at the bottom of the page, I click on the 3 little lines next to my avatar, and they give me a big menu of every thing. I just click on “categories”, and then scan through the threads shown for unread threads. If they have unread posts, the text will be slightly darker.

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This is Xenforo?

It is HARD to find the main board,the word Category is difficult to find.

vBULLETIN began to die when it was sold to another group who then over time screw it up.

Where is the hyperlink for images,I have not been able to make them visible,

What an awful forum software this is. This is Xenforo?

I feel squeezed in and separated from members,who is appear gone.

the place feels like a series of caves,where I have no idea if anyone else is here.

I have used the following,mbBB, simple machines forum,phpBB3,Kunena,bbpress, IP board,minibb.

IP Board was the forum software you should have used.

Try the 5 day FREE demo:

Many of us would welcome a change for the better!

I feel the same way. I don’t visit so much anymore because I have a hard time negotiating my way around. My eyes have gotten worse so it is hard for me to see. Anyway, I always love “seeing” you guys!

Are you due for cataract surgery?

This is the big difference with the new software: it by default doesn’t encourage or easily support categorization and browsing by categories. Although we have categories and you can look at topics by category - I understand the frustration caused by how differently it is presented.

What small things could be fixed or changed to make it easier?

No, but my eyeglass prescription is 4 years old and I need a check up. I do have cataracts but they’re small yet and not nearly ready to be removed.

I don’t think it is. I post in another board that uses it and it’s much more intuitive.

I’m poking my way around here hoping to get a feel for it but so far, no good

3.0 vBULLETIN version had been unsupported for several years now, which made the hacked forum eventually easy to hack, that is pure negligence on the part of the owner who didn’t uprade to 4.0 version or better move to IPB a superior forum software, or save a bunch of money and use one of the good FREE forum software that does almost everything the expensive ones can do.

In my opinion, it is time to leave this horrid software, chose a FREE software package such as myBB and mass e-mail the listed members that the forum is getting back up and serious about being a place to discuss or debate.

Can later upgrade to IPB for the extra stuff if needed.

That was the fault of the owner who didn’t upgrade it to version 4.