New forum-obviously

Here’s where you guys get to point out the idiots on the left, in other forums, members use Democratic underground as their source. Here, you can link anywhere.

A few members have requested this so have at it!

I’m missing something here, sir.

What’s the name of the forum?

It’s probably right in front of my eyes, but I sometimes miss things.

on edit: okay, I just found it. Consider it a newbie mistake.

What are the rules?

The one I’m mostly concerned about is the use of profanity.

The primitives on Skins’s island (democratunderground), and the primitives from other islands in looney land, use a great deal of profanity.

Unlike decent and civilized people, primitives have to use profanity because they usually have no other argument, no other explanation, no other reason to live.

If it’s quote from a primitive, I assume it’s okay to quote it?

And there are special instances–fortunately rare, but they do happen–where, after reading something a primitive’s said, the only logical response is actually a profanity.

I don’t care for profanities, on either the internet or in real life, but there are times when one has to spout out an “oh [excresence].”

Illuminate us, please.

I can’t speak for TO, but I would recommend editing the words with dashes in place of letters thusly:


Yeah, I don’t really want to allow foul language, regardless. I would say be creative, link to instead quoting when appropriate, etc…

Every forum out there is foul language ridden and its so much easier to do so. Personally, I use foul language at times, and I know how hard it is not to use when speaking about leftists, but I’d like to think that is what sets this forum apart from others.

If anyone has any suggestions.

Replace swears with what they hate more.



Nice. I’m sure our local liberals will start whining about it though. :rofl: Which might be entertaining in itself.

I personally detest the use of profanity in an argument. I detest the use of ****** and ------------------------. I also hate “A$$” and other stupid substitutions for fake words that communicate exactly the foul language you’re trying to pretend not to use.

This is *not *specifically directed at you FC. I only say this because you mentioned the same thing earlier in the thread. I understand we all have rather varied opinions on the matter.

And TO did just give an infraction to a member for using s******d and d******d directly at another member.

Minor uses of foul language are overlooked. Constant use of it can result in warnings, infractions, suspensions and bans. Use of the F-bomb (I speak clinically and spell it out normally but not here as it would violate the rules) is strictly forbidden. Particularly egregious, spittle-flying-out-of-your-idiotic-mouth kinds of swearing will get some reaction out of us even if you don’t normally use foul language. The edges of our rules are mushy, so it’s best folks be careful in general.

As a result you will find the site is normally fairly clean.

Cool, I think I’m going to enjoy this new forum

I see to often where I see comments on a site to an article where a fight ensues between some troll or left wingnut with regular members. When I go to read the comments all I find is one comment after the other, that is usually filled with profanity and really has little to nothing doing with the OP. There are those who plainly come in to post ads to their site or products as well.

Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the article because they can bring more insight in as to what the article says or the intent of the author of the article.

On left wing sites I see profanity laced with vulgar pictures as a routine item. I see death threats and wishes that someone would die a lot more on left wing sites as I would on a conservative site