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Hi all good to be here

       I am A retired disabled Viet vet 100% combat wounded Marine Corps. I live in north FL from ohio my wife and I are both retired I was taken to 100% 2002 before at 80%. I have been A conservative for over forty years. I found your  site the other day and I liked what I read. I don't type well shrapnel to hands but I am getting better. I look forward to hearing from you all. thanks Jack

Semper Fi brother.

2818/2847 here. Never rode in a tank, but have in an LAV, and many LCAC’s.

Thank you for your service! :usa:

Welcome and thank you for your service.

Hi and welcome! Former Navy here, although peacetime ('80s).

Welcome aboard Jack from Central Texas.

Welcome aboard and thank you for your service. I am one of the old cranks here so come on in and have fun.

Welcome to RO and thank you for defending this Nation!

Thanks guys I think this will be A very good time for me. I will sat one thing no matter where you go you will always find a jarhead near by. ( Marine no better friend no worst enemy ) Jack

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Thank you for serving our country! And …


[quote=“PeteS_in_CA, post:10, topic:48255”]
Thank you for serving our country! And …


[/quote] Hey Pete thanks I will enjoy this web site very much. Jack