New Here


Hello all,

I am a conservative writer who is interested in getting involved in a forum that promotes conservative and libertarian views.

I look forward to participating in some interesting discussions!



I look forward to reading your posts.

BTW: Right Wing Nutjob is a writer for a local paper and is a staunch Libertarian. He is also a MOD.



Good deal, I will keep an eye out for him.


I saw your blog, and it is pretty nice.


Anyway, Welcome I am also a Libertarian, although I am a weird kind.


Well thank you, I just got it going. I have been writing for some time, but just now putting up a blog. I’m a little behind in the times.


Welcome! Looks like your blog has some pretty recent stuff, I wouldn’t say your behind.


Welcome to RO!


Yeah, I meant behind on getting one start up. Just got it set up about 2 weeks ago. Thank you all for the warm welcome.


Welcome, enjoy the site!




Ditto the welcome. Pleased to have you here.




Welcome aboard